Christmas decorations with nuts: here’s how to make them

Quick and easy ideas for making Christmas decorations using walnuts. Material and procedure to create wonderful decorations for the home, for the Christmas tree using nuts and dried fruit. Here are some tips for decorating your home with a Christmas theme using the art of DIY.


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Home decoration takes time, you must first go in search of the perfect decorations and only then can you decorate the house. What if we told you that you can easily make fantastic and rustic Christmas decorations using dried fruit e the walnuts would you believe it ?! You have to believe it, because in this article we are going to describe you all what you it is used to make Christmas decorations, using the art of DIY and walnuts.


The result will be sensational because with your own hands you will be able to make decorations for all the House, for Christmas tree but also for the entrance at home simply using a little imagination and lots of nuts. Do not be afraid, these decorations are easy to make is I am extremely welcoming, warm and Christmas, in short, they contain the Christmas spirit and passion, after all they are made with their own hands!

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Christmas decoration with nuts: garland

The garland it is an inevitable decoration during the Christmas period, making it with your own hands will surely give it an extra touch.


To make a wreath Christmas with walnuts, you will need:

  • nuts
  • pine cones
  • glue
  • glitter
  • spray can colored
  • tape of satin or wire of rope



To begin to create a beautiful wreath it is necessary to take the nuts and color them, you can choose a golden, silver or red spray can, alternatively you can color the nuts with the different colors you have available. After that the walnuts they are very dry you have to select a few, to take also the pine cones is sprinkle everything with glue, later fill with colorful glitter.


Once this step is done it’s possible start assembling everything. We need to glue the nuts and pine cones in a balanced way, creating a circle, gradually it will take shape of a gorgeous perfect garland to embellish the front door.

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The final touch it must be given by the addition of a nice ribbon satin, as an alternative of a thread of rope.


Christmas decoration with nuts: Christmas tree

A decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree must never be missing in the house, if you don’t want to buy it you can make it with walnuts, just keep reading!



To make a small christmas tree with walnuts, you will need:

  • nuts is dried fruit
  • glue
  • tape of satin or wire of rope
  • lights decorative



Making this tree is very simple, the first thing to do is to find the walnuts and other dried fruit to taste. To begin with, you have to place a mix of dried fruit on a plane creating the base of the tree, once you have reached the shape and size suitable you have to start gluing.

After making the first floor you have to continue with the next floors, making them in the same way, paying attention to give the right shape. Once the tree is made, you have to let it dry for good, later you can add decorative lights and some other decorative elements as desired.


Christmas decorations with nuts: decorative balls

With walnuts you can indulge yourself e create beautiful decorations for your christmas tree, maybe you can get help from grandchildren and children, it’s very simple.



To make the balls decorative you will need:

  • nuts
  • flakes
  • glitter
  • spray cans colored
  • little ones Christmas details
  • glue
  • tape or wire of rope



Making balls of decorative with walnuts it’s very simple, it requires no effort simply so much creativity. To begin with, you have to select the walnuts and color them with the can. Obviously first you have to choose the color, indeed the colors, we recommend you to color the nuts choosing at least 3 colors, better if typically Christmas. After having colored the walnuts it is necessary to let them dry well, for as long as necessary.

Christmas tree decoration made from a walnut sprayed gold and finished with a indigo

Once dry it’s possible move on to decoration then to add gods glitter, of flakes, of the stars, of little santa claus, in conclusion Christmas details. After you have added the themed decorative elements you need to add the string or ribbon optionally, this to be able to hang walnuts on the tree with ease.

You can also think about coloring walnuts with gods little ones brushes in order to make snowmen, of the little reindeer, but also the face of Santa Claus, you can indulge yourself and unleash all your creativity.


Christmas decorations with nuts: pictures and photos

In this article-tutorial we’ve given you six tips for making beautiful Christmas decorations using dried fruit, nuts to be exact. We have given you several ideas, we have you described the materials you need and the procedure to make these beautiful decorations. To conclude, you just have to peek.


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