Christmas place cards created with corks

Creativity can find ample space with the use of many materials, recycling and transforming them to create fantastic objects. One example is corks, which can be recycled in many ways. And what better way, at Christmas, than to turn them into delicious place cards? Let’s see how to make them.

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You’re looking for gods original ways and beautiful for the creation of placeholders for Christmas dinner or lunch? Imagination can lead you to create place cards with any object from the world of hobby or do-it-yourself, but we want to focus on the recovery of corks. Collect many caps of cork and get ready to turn them into many special ideas, different and creative, to create wonderful Christmas place cards. Each of these ideas that we will propose to you will be perfect to realize also together with the children. So let’s get started, let’s see how to do it, step by step.

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Caps, Cork

An angel

With this idea each diner will have his own personal angel, in correspondence of the own dish. A sweet proposal, beautiful and simple. But how do you do it?


To create it you a few simple tools will be needed:

  • Caps of cork
  • Sheets of paper with original fantasy
  • Balls of wood
  • Glue hot


Glue the wooden ball onto the cap, with the help of hot glue, or even super glue. Create a small one accordion with the paper and glue it, on the back of your cap, going to shrink the paper accordion in the central part. If you prefer, you can use colored paper, with cheerful patterns, or opt for neutral patterns. Decorate as you like. Now you just have to arrange your angels on the set table.


The candle

Here is another original proposal, one candle made with the Cork. At the base of the cork glue a disc of felt or of EVA rubber, decorate the base with a bow and with it pipe cleaner, yellow, creates the flame. Each guest will be happy to bring their place card with them.


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Christmas tree with caps

Here it is, the symbol of Christmas for excellence, the decorated tree for the holidays. There is no lack in any house of the Christmas tree, modern, classic, made following your own taste and imagination.


  • Caps of cork
  • Glue hot
  • Decorations various


With this proposal you can create a small tree, which will make up the placeholders for your table. Paste about 28 caps, one on top of the other, the corks, forming a pyramid. Create a base with 4 corks, e decorate everything with stars, pearls and everything you prefer. Now place your place cards on the table, your guests will be happy with your work.

cork-christmas-placeholders 4

The Christmas tree with pine cones

This DIY idea, dedicated to Christmas place cards with i caps of cork, it also needs another component, typical of Christmas decorations: the pine cones. Start taking long walks to collect lots of small or medium-sized pine cones.

You will simply have to paint the pine cone green with acrylic paints, e glue it on the cap, which will represent the base of our placeholder. If you want to decorate your mini tree, you can glue a wooden star on the tip or some glitter.


Christmas seedlings

Let’s connect to the previous idea, dedicated to the Christmas tree made with pine cones, to introduce one new nice proposal. Uses the cork to create the base where insert twigs of plants, real or fake.

This place card will give cheer and color to your table. For the extra touch, insert in the cork some sprigs of butcher’s broom, which in addition to being an emblem of Christmas, have a long life and a strong chromatic touch, with red berries.

cork-christmas-placeholders 5

The reindeer

How about creating one playful and cheerful table, with these reindeer-shaped place card? The reindeer, symbol of the Nordic countries, the faithful helper of Santa Claus, cannot be missing to brighten the days of Christmas holidays.

With his red nose, represented by a ball or a pearl, assemble the various pieces, cut from the corks. The legs, the body and the head, glued with hot glue, will give life to the cute little animal. To create the horns, use pipe cleaners or colored iron wires.


Christmas place cards made with corks: photos and images

Here is a nice roundup of photographs, to show you all our proposals for making place cards with corks. Check out all the great ideas.


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