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This year, for all lovers of do-it-yourself decorations and do-it-yourself decorations, Opitec has thought of numerous accessories, with which to indulge themselves by creating imaginative and personalized decorations to dress up their own home. Take a look at the many news that this company has selected for you in the catalog dedicated to Christmas 2020.

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This year we will live a Christmas particular and different from the usual to spend only with closest family members, but this does not mean that we have to live it in a melancholy way. First of all prepare the house for receive these holidays, is the first step to lift our spirits and precisely by virtue of this Opitec, the famous company manufacturer of DIY items and bricolage, has selected numerous accessories and kits for allow us to to achieve with our hands and in a simple way all the decorations which we need.

In Christmas 2020 catalog we find all products that Opitec offers us, guaranteeing always a ‘pay attention to the price is mostly to quality Made in Italy: in fact, all the tools and pieces needed to compose the DIY decorations are certified; Furthermore browsing the catalog, also online directly from the site, you can find inspiration necessary is all the illustrated items, which are used to make them.

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Inspirations for Christmas

Let’s start immediately with the must decorations for the tree of Christmas or the 5-pointed stars in wood carved that we find discounted to € 4.60 followed by saplings to be used also as ornaments a € 7.40.

Stars and bells are also available in polystyrene in the size of 100 mm respectively for € 1.50 and € 0.95 to decorate with sequins assorted: those drop in White mother of pearl or in red, in silver and in gold at the cost of € 3.95 by color.

Do not neglect the festive dinner table and then let yourself be inspired by proposals do-it-yourself for the table, for example by preparing gods cutlery tray also useful as a placeholder in velvet. You can choose between those in red, dark purple and dark green in the 100x140mm version for € 1.40; for embellish them can use angels Wood for € 4.90 or the clothespins made of wood in the shape of a deer for € 3.90.


Wood decorations

Among the materials that just cannot be missing for the realization of the decorations there is wood, suitable for every style. And then you decide to give your home the right one Christmas atmosphere with the candle holder advent a € 11.90 or that in the shape of a crown of stars at the super discounted price of € 4.70.

Try to combine the wooden firs for € 2.35 each or if you prefer saplings decorative snowy at the price of € 4.95 is do not forget the famous sled to create your landscape, a € 5.90.


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Minimal style decorations

Very popular in recent years theminimal decor comes more and more chosen for set up the homes of millions of Italians, goes very well with the design modern and that is why even for Christmas decorations, Opitec he couldn’t help but think of the right ones.

You could choose the tree decorative metal 70 cm high only € 10.90 and then indulge yourself in the choice of accessories to apply: the wonderful deer Wood for € 6.45, the firs to € 6.50 or the stars always in wood a € 6.60. From the same stylized design line, we find the metal candle holder gold or black a € 10.20 discounted and the candlestick cubes, in an elegant antique white at the price of € 16.50.


Figures of the crib

Unmissable to celebrate the Christmas period is thepreparation of the crib, which this year you can choose to make unique with the resin figurines. In the Opitec Christmas 2020 catalog you will find many decorative figures of the Holy Family that vary by price of € 2.40 up a maximum of € 8.90.

If you would like a complete set you can find the one from 11 pieces for € 22.40 with the Magi, the Nativity, angel is shepherd boy with the inevitable sheep. The figurines can be inserted into garlands, glass bells or special Christmas balls that you will find by browsing the online catalog.


Festoon with little angels

The festoon with little angels is perfect from to insert on wall of the living room next to the tree or on the fireplace and why not, to decorate the children’s room. Just together with them you can entertain yourself preparing it: they are enough few and cheap materials that Opitec has prepared for you.

You will find the origami paper in numerous colors for € 2.70 and € 4.50 depending on the size; the little heads in wood with the facet of the angels at € 5.80 or € 8.10 always according to the dimensions and then scissors, hot glue, nylon thread and everything necessary to complete the festoon according to your tastes and needs.


Kraft paper

What do you think of wrapping gifts Christmas in an original and personalized way? Set of 15 kraft paper bags with outbuildings 15 cards for the best wishes are what can do for you, sold at € 8.10.

To embellish your packages you cannot miss the block with Christmas motifs from which to retrieve all the necessary figures to apply on, for € 8.95, maybe using clothespins Wood for € 1.90 tied to a simple string.


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