How to make the Three Kings do it yourself

Do you want to create different and original DIY Wise Men? Do you want to keep your children busy during these cold winter evenings? We suggest simple DIY methods to make the Three Kings with the recycled material you have on hand.


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We find them in nativity scenes all over the world. Poems and songs were written for them. Films and theatrical representations find them protagonists. They are some of the most recognizable figures of our collective imagination, as there is no person who has not seen the images of three wise men from the East, who ride camels in pursuit of the luminous trail of a star.

Older children will tell you what the names of the three kings are Melchior, Baldassarre and Gaspar; the Magi kings who brought their gifts to the child Jesus giving life to the other as well tradition beloved by children that is that of the Epiphany.

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It is told in fact, that during their path, the three made a stop at the house of an old woman to whom they explained the reason for their trip. The three kings invited the old woman to follow them up to Bethlehem to pay homage to the baby Jesus. La Befana initially refused, but then decided to travel during the night. But alas he got lost and began to give gifts to every child in the hope that Jesus was among those children.

The Three Kings are therefore unmissable characters for your nativity scene. If this year you want to create a nativity scene home made that amazes your guests or you want to have fun with your children to create these mysterious characters, follow our advice. All you need is simple recycling materials and lots of imagination at home.


DIY three wise men with corks

A nice idea for gods DIY Three Wise Men is that of use gods corks. Not only will it be fun to create them perhaps together with your children on cold winter evenings, but it is also an economical and simple solution that will allow you to create unique and original Magi in a few simple steps.

All of which You will need I’m three corks, ribbons, colored cloth, cardstock and glue.

  1. Start with the to draw the face of your Magi using a felt tip pen red for the mouth and a black one for the eyes and nose.
  2. Now is the time to choose the outfit for your Three Kings. Take pieces of cloth you hate felt colored and creates the clothes for your gracious Magi. With della glue, possibly in the heat, coat the body of the cap in cork.
  3. Always with the colored felt creates the beard and hair of your magi and paste all.
  4. For the crown can use always of colored felt or cloth or you can create it with gods cardstock of colored paper. For the king Baldassarre realizes a turban and decorate it with some bead or rhinestones.
  5. For the gifts use gold paper cards with beads or rhinestone.
  6. The last touch: creates gods cloaks with of the cloth is glue them behind the body of your Magi


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DIY Three Wise Men with Toilet Paper Rolls

A other material, to give life to your Magi, they are modest toilet paper rolls. I’m from very easy realization, with material that you will surely have at hand and for sure they will be a great reason for fun for your children.

You they will need only 5 rolls of toilet paper, colors, colored paper and fabric and woolen threads.

  1. Starts to to paint the three rolls with i various “colors of the face of kings “. The two more rolls paint them gold color. You will need them to create the crowns of your kings.
  2. As the toilet paper rolls dry, choose the pieces of cloth suitable to create the clothes is paste the fabric around the roll of toilet paper leaving space to draw the face.
  3. Create the hair with woolen threads or failing with cotton balls. Remember that one of the Three Kings has a beard while another is bald.
  4. Cut out the crowns and glue them. add some gems and that’s it!

Alternatively can use a ping pong ball to create the head. The procedure is similar, just draw their face and glue it on the toilet paper body of your Magi.


DIY three wise men with wooden sticks

Another one original idea do it yourself to create your own three kings, is to use gods wooden sticks.

You can use clothespins, wooden spoons or ice cream sticks; indulge yourself in the choice of material.

  1. Color the sticks of wood doing beware of leave space necessary for to draw the face of your Magi.
  2. Cut out some cards colored to create the beard and the crown is glue them on your stick colored.
  3. Get the glitter and don’t be thrifty, sprinkle them on your clothes, crowns is turban and give your three wise men a lot of jewels.


How to make the Three Kings do it yourself: pictures and photos

Enjoy a browse our gallery and find the idea that best suits your creativity.


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