10 wonderful ideas to make them independently

Tips and tricks to create magnificent Christmas centerpieces, perfect to show off on the table on Christmas day. Here is everything you need and the procedure, to create unique, Christmas centerpieces using the art of DIY.


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During holiday season you spend most of your time ad decorate the house, looking for suitable decorations to make the house perfect for all to see. As well as the house, too there table must be decorated in the right way, especially during aspecial occasion as the Christmas lunch.


To decorate the table, make it unique and original in the eyes of all your guests, you must necessarily place a beautiful one centerpiece, which paired with a elegant mise en place and particular will allow you to create the right atmosphere. The choice of centerpiece right is quite difficult, you can think of going to the store and buy one, but we want to suggest something else.

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To save money and make a great impression you can think of create a nice centerpiece with your hands, in this article, we want to illustrate you well 10 ideas for create gods Christmas centerpieces ad hoc, you just have to keep reading!


1 Christmas centerpiece with wooden discs

There first idea that we want to illustrate is very simple to make, perfect for a rustic table, shabby chic, but also traditional.

You will need simply to:

  • discs of wood (various sizes)
  • candles (about 10 different sizes)
  • twigs of holly
  • sticks of cinnamon
  • glue hot.


To begin with, you have to take the disc more wood great is to add two wooden discs medium and small next. Need paste them between them in order to create a structure that develops the length. Once this is done you have to place and paste the candles large on the largest disc, medium on medium discs and smaller on the ends. To fill a little empty spaces it’s possible to add of the twigs of holly complete with berries and leaves, staring the whole with glue. Finally add some cinnamon stick here and there to make the table beautifully scented.

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2 Christmas centerpieces with glass jars

The second idea really original, to make it happen you will need:

  • 3 jars of glass (2 large and 4 smaller)
  • glue hot
  • balls Christmas (2 large and 4 small)
  • Water and glitter
  • tape.


To make this centerpiece you need take the jars more little ones is paste them at end of the jar more great. Once glued, you have to to take a nice tape glittery is contour the centerpiece. To make it unique, all you have to do is place a christmas ball inside the jar, fix it with glue, to fill of water and glitter and close. This step is necessary repeat it also for the other jars. To conclude, that’s enough paste the respective ones balls also on plug is add glitter at will.

Christmas centerpieces: 10 wonderful ideas to make them independently

3 Christmas centerpieces with pine cones and candles

To make it happen you will need:

  • pine cones
  • glue vinyl
  • glitter.

To make this rustic centerpiece is enough paste of the pine cones on top of each other, so as to achieve a mountain, trying to to leave gods little holes for to be able to insert the candles. To embellish a little everything is enough to take a little bit of glue vinyl, dirty the pine cones is sprinkle them of glitter gilded.


4 Christmas centerpieces with dry branches and lights

This centerpiece turns out to be particularly scenographic, to make it happen you have to have available:

  • branch dry
  • fairy lights
  • decorations to taste.

It’s important to choose a branch characterized by a homogeneous branching, it will suffice place it on the table embellish it with a thread of fairy lights colored and adds decorations to taste. Easier than that!


5 Christmas centerpieces with wooden trunk and balls

This idea It results to be elegant and rustic, to make it happen you must have:

  • trunk
  • pine cones
  • flakes
  • glue hot
  • spray can gold.

To begin with, you have to to take a trunk, not too big and begin to decorate it by gluing the pine cones around. There is no precise rule, you have to follow your instinct. Once this is done you have to to paint the all with a gold spray canfinally paste with glue gods red bows. Voilà the centerpiece is ready!


6 Christmas centerpieces with jars and dried fruit

This centerpiece it is very original and above all easy to replicate. Need have available:

  • jars of glass
  • dried fruit
  • twigs pine
  • sticks of cinnamon
  • tape red.

To begin with, you have to fill the jars with of the dried fruit, choosing mixed fruit. You can add a few berries from the holly tree as well. Next you have to to take the tape is surround the jars, in order to give an extra Christmas touch. Inside of of each jar you need to insert gods pine twigs and gods cinnamon sticks, done this the centerpiece will be finished.


7 Christmas centerpieces with wine bottles and dry branches

A perfect idea to create a centerpiece consists in to recycle of the bottles of wine. To do this you must have available:

  • bottles
  • branches buckets
  • tape gold
  • balls.

The first step is the take 3 bottles of wine, glue them between them and surround them with a nice tape gold. Then you have to take some dry twigs, lay them inside the bottles is decorate them with the balls, but also festoons.


8 Christmas centerpieces with cinnamon sticks and candles

To realize this idea you will need:

  • cinnamon sticks at will
  • glue hot
  • candles.

This solution turns out to be particularly elegant and fragrant, it will help you to make the table truly refined and chic. It will be enough contour different candles with gods cinnamon sticks, once this walk has been done, it will be necessary to glue everything together trying to create a fairly long centerpiece.


9 Christmas centerpiece with tall glass vase and balls

This idea is perfect because it can be made atlast minute. You will need:

  • balls at will
  • jar in glass.

You will simply have to to take the jar of glass, fill it up with the balls and lay it on the table, there is nothing simpler.


10 Christmas centerpieces with cutting board, glass glasses and Candy cane

The latter idea is the most sweet among all, to make it happen you will need:

  • wadding
  • Candy cane
  • jars of glass.

To begin with you will have to to take gods jars glass e fill them with cotton wool, subsequently you will have to embellish them with gods Candy cane sticks. This centerpiece it is perfect because it is edible, because Candy Cane can be eaten at the end of a meal.


10 DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas – Pictures and Photos

In this article we have thoroughly illustrated you well 10 ideas to achieve splendid Christmas centerpieces with your hands. We have described the method and materials, now to conclude we have decided to create a gallery of pictures and photos with all the ideas we have described to you and more. In fact, there are a lot of other centerpieces all to copy!


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