Centrini natalizi fai da te

DIY Christmas Doilies

To make your home special during the holidays, find out how to make DIY Christmas doilies. Here are some ideas to crochet or with felt.

DIY Christmas Doilies

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When the days get shorter and it’s cold outside, it’s nice to stay indoors. In order not to risk spending all the time on the sofa watching TV it might be an idea to cultivate a new hobby put your manual skills and your creativity to good use, perhaps involving even the little ones.

Near Christmas there are many activities to do and many small jobs to be carried out: personalized greeting cards, placeholder is decorations of all kinds, to best embellish every corner of the house.

We have selected for you some ideas for a Christmas doily to do crocheted or with felt. The difficulties of execution are very different, it is up to you to decide based on your availability of time. Let’s start!

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Traditional crochet doilies

If you are looking for Christmas decorations that they are right compromise between tradition and modernity, embroidered crochet doilies are just the thing for you. They recall the ancient workings of grandmothers, but choosing the right colors immediately become a fashionable ornament. Not surprisingly, they adapt to any style of furniture.

Doilies are a good solution for beautify home with ease, without neglecting any surface. In addition, you can use them to decorate your set table, using them as coasters (remember to make them with a diameter of at least 10 cm), as placemats (in this case consider 25) or centerpiece adding candles and maybe a nice poinsettia.


As for the colors to choose, let yourself be inspired by your personal taste, without however deviating too much from the rest of the home decorations. This year, to classic red and green, can prefer white or pink, for a trendy and original Christmas; remember to to add of brilliant threads to increase its shine and elegance. Choose the shape to be made according to the use: for a vase a doily will do round, for the centerpiece you can make one star or a Snowflake.

Finally, don’t forget that there are techniques for make the doilies stiff ed use them as valet trays or as bowls to serve dried fruit at the table. You can choose to starched them with common natural starch, 1 tablespoon dissolved in 10 cl of hot water will suffice, or with vinyl glue. This second mode is certainly the most durable because it is less subject to atmospheric agents.

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Decorations with felt

Felt is a really easy to handle material, perfect for DIY jobs because cheap is easily available both in shops (in haberdashery or fabric shops) and online. It is ideal for many Christmas decorations, from out doors to tree balls. THE doilies, then, they are useful for embellishing every corner of the House as well as your party table.

Even if you choose this type of work, for the colors you will be spoiled for choice. For a very fashionable themed setting, choose the pink, maybe combining it with white or silver. If, on the other hand, you do not want to deviate from tradition, green and red are inevitable.


Doilies with felt are really easy to make. All you have to do will be decide the shape, prepare the template paper (not having to have particular manual skills, you can evaluate even the most difficult shapes such as snowflakes or reindeer) and then move on to cutting. You don’t need sewing scissors, kitchen scissors or even those with a rounded tip if you work with children will do just fine. For precision machining, you will be able help you with a utility knife.

Since what you are making is a doily, therefore a base to support other things, we advise you to do not overdo it with the embossed elements and decorations. For example, if you’re choosing a poinsettia as your subject, just make a few petals to add to the flat base.


Some ideas for New Year’s Eve

Who said that the most beautiful decorations can they only be made at Christmas? Even New Year it is a respectable celebration, during which we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one full of wishes and hope.

That’s why your guests are sure to appreciate gods place cards made with crochet or felt (depending on your dexterity or the time you have to devote to this activity) with a clock that strikes almost midnight. If you choose crochet, keep in mind that the construction technique is the usual one, you will only have to add numbers and hands, embroidering them or attaching them after having made them with another material.

The extra idea? Mark a different time for each diner and at the stroke of midnight everyone will say a number based on the time they have received.


DIY Christmas Doilies: Pictures and Photos

Browse now this rich photo gallery where you will find many ideas and ideas for do-it-yourself work.


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