Mickey Mouse Easter Eggs


He’s coming Easterand I’m sure you’re already thinking about the chocolate eggs. That’s why I want to share today a super detailed tutorial to learn how to do Mickey Mouse Easter eggs. If you follow them as Grisel tells you in his video, you will be as beautiful as her.

You can visit Grisel’s You tube channel here TanDulce. There are many cupcakes tutorials, glazed biscuitsand spectacular cakes!

These chocolate eggs are very original and like all kids they love to Mickey they’re gonna love the idea. Besides this, it’s gonna cost you a lot less if you make the eggs homemade. For all that, let’s see how they are made step by step Mickey Mouse chocolate eggs.


  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Candies
  • Red and yellow dyes suitable for chocolate
  • Easter egg moulds, one for the egg and a smaller one for Mickey’s feet


You will see the step by step with all the details in the next video.


Source TanSweet

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