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Hello!!! After several days without writing, I’m more recharged than ever! With beautiful ideas to decorate your home and nice things for your family. And of course lots of ideas for parties that are never missing in this Blog.

Today I want to share the step by step to make some unicorn dream catcher that more than catching dreams, caught me, couldn’t be nicer!!!!

They are made with wool, lace and pasamanería of pastel and stronger colors, combined with flowers and ribbons, and a unicorn horn in gold that gives it the touch of magic.

You can decorate your little girl’s room, the toy room, or whatever you like! I can think of an excellent option to give as a souvenir of a Unicorn theme party. You can make them a little smaller for souvenirs and bigger for the decoration of the party.

The important thing is that you don’t leave, I’ll tell you how they’re made…..


-15 cm embroidery frame or ring made of metal, plastic, wood, etc.
-Threads, wools, ribbons of different textures and colors.
-Silicone gun.
-Felt or rubber eva white and pink.
-Fabric flowers.
-Gilded paper or gum eva gilded or with glitter.

Step by step

-Roll the wool around the contour of the frame and glue the end with silicone once finished.
-Then tie one end of the wool into the frame and start tying from side to side tightly across the loops. And tie at the end.
-Cut two white ears out of felt or of eva gum and two smaller pink ears. Glue the pink ears into the white ones. Reserve.
-Cut out a horn from paper or golden eva rubber. Reserve.
-Cut out the wool strips and tapes to hang from the dream catchersIf you want to make a loop, you must take into account that they must be twice the length you want them to be, since they are folded in the middle to form the loop.
-Choose the flowers and present them as you would like them to be at the end.
-The time has come to assemble the unicorn dream catcher! Glue the horn, ears and flowers in front of the ring with silicone.
-Pass the strips through the hoop of the frame forming loops.

In the following video you will be able to see the step by step to make this beautiful unicorn dream catcher in detail:


Source: hellowonderful

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