How to make a reform to gain space in a small flat

If you have a small house and you are thinking of changing it completely, the following article interests you a lot. We are going to give you the essential keys to undertake a reform to gain space. It is not just a question of updating the decoration, nor of doing works to renovate facilities and so on. It’s about to provide solutions to gain meters of space. Keep reading and take notes.

reform to gain space
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Living in a small house is the order of the day. Given the price of flats in the big cities, whether to buy or to rent, most of us have to pay a more than important outlay to pay for our housing. If your home is owned and you believe that is in need of a complete overhaul, today we are going to tell you some ideas to take into account when making a reform to gain space. Do you want to know how? We’ll tell you!

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In addition to thinking about new materials, changing installations and coatings, now is the time to raise how you can gain space in your little flat.

Removing partitions in a reform to gain space

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We’ve already told you about the open concept or, in other words, a clear conception of space. This way of understanding the interiors, in which the partitions are reduced to a minimum and an open plan is used, it is especially suitable for small houses.

When space is scarce, on the contrary, solutions are imposed that provide a greater sensation of amplitude. For example, the idea of having an American kitchen, open to the living room. It may not all be advantages, it may have some drawbacks, but it is an effective way to visually expand space. And in what a way!

When it comes to putting this idea into practice, you’ll have to evaluate details and decorative aspects that help. Such as, for example, choosing kitchen furniture in colours and finishes that harmonise with your living room.

For the rest, if you don’t want to remove the partitions completely, bet on the iron and glass panels, so in vogue lately.

Integration in your favour

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In a house of reduced dimensions to integrate is to get it right. Especially when it comes to doors, especially those that we cannot do without. In that case, it’s best to paint them. the same color as the wall, to try to keep them as unnoticed as possible.

The same goes for larger pieces of furniture, such as bookstores. If putting one from floor to ceiling is a success because multiplies storage capacity, it’s a good idea to paint it the color of the wall to make it integrate better. We are not going to hide it completely (nor do we intend to), but we will lighten its visual weight. The result will be much less burdensome.

Make the most of every centimetre

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One of the advantages of putting yourself in the hands of professionals is that they will think of aspects that you won’t think of. What will they bring specific ideas for your home that will really be very valuable. Therefore, if you want to make a reform to gain space, you should consider the possibility of have recourse to an interior designer or specialised architect in this kind of project.

When space is limited, taking advantage of every inch is crucial. In this way, a gap in the wall between two pillars can be turned into a perfect wardrobe. Or the back of the headboard can serve as a storage area. We can replace floor or table lamps with wall lights, etc.

Commitment to custom-made furniture

We already know that they are not the cheapest solution, but if what you want is to make a reform to gain space, the made-to-measure furniture are an alternative to consider. The best thing is to allocate part of the budget to this item and trust the criteria of a good professional to help us find the most appropriate solutions to our needs.

From made-to-measure cabinets to use every centimetre, to folding tables that fold when not needed, passing through multifunctional furniture with various uses, etc. Everything has a place in a reform to gain space.

Take into account the vertical dimension

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Don’t just think about space at ground level. Think of the best way to to take advantage of the height of the walls, and I’m sure you’ll find more of a great idea. Like a floor-to-ceiling shelving system. Or place a shelf over the doors in which to place storage boxes. Or choose kitchen cabinets that reach to the ceiling and gain storage space.

As for the colors, and even though you already know that white is the most luminous tone and enlarges the spaces, that doesn’t mean you have to paint your house white from top to bottom. Nor that you have to do without intense colors and personality.

The key to getting it right is be based on a chromatic palette that includes luminous tones and some intense colour. in specific areas to create decorative contrasts.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to successfully carry out your reform to gain space.

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