Luminous kittens for a horror party


The date of the celebration is approaching Halloween o Halloweenand many children prefer this theme to celebrate their birthdays. A simple and very original idea, is to decorate the party with this kitten wreath and ghosts that won’t go unnoticed.

This DIY is very easy to do, fast and fun. As a follower of the blog once told me, “Here everything is easy, fast and original”, that’s right, I love the decorations that can be solved in a short time and that have the same effect as if we had worked a lot! That’s why this idea from the My Cakies blog is great!

As you will see in the image, the lights are transformed into dark eyes in the darkness. The boys are going to love this touch of terror!

You can make garlands of pumpkins in orange, skulls in black and white, faces of devils in red, in short, there are many possibilities and the limit is your imagination.

wreath-of-cats-and ghosts-with-lights


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black and white cardboard
  • White Christmas light strip
  • Punch (optional)
  • template-gatito-y-fantasma (you can use this template or make it bigger depending on the decoration of your party)


  • Print the template, cut out the silhouettes and then use them as molds.
  • Mark each template in the corresponding cardboard colours, the kitten’s in black and the ghost’s in white.
  • To drill in the marks to introduce the lights, you can do it with perforator or with the tip of the scissors.
  • Finally, place the lights in the eye holes and you’re ready to hang wherever you want!





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