Decorative rosettes with paper bags


Very original and easy to make, these rosettes are ideal for use suspended in the air. They can be hung on a wall, but the greatest impact will be achieved by tying them to the ceiling. There’s only one secret, and that’s the material used to make them.

It’s about paper sachetsYes, bags that are sold in cotillions of different colors, with polka dots, prints, etc.. They are generally used to give away at birthday parties full of sweets and to make presents.

To make these rosettes 3dYou need 10 to 12 bags of the colors that match the theme chosen for the party. You can choose pastel or bright colors, fluo or wood color for a rustic or vintage effect. You can combine colors or make them one color.



  • 10 paper bags
  • Plasticola
  • Scissors



Each number in the step-by-step matches the numbering in the image below.

1- Choose the bags according to the colors of the theme of the party.
2- Cut the top of the bag in a rounded way.
3- Unfold the bottom of the bags.
4- Fold each bag in half (lengthwise) to create a fold in the center.
5- Apply glue generously on the imaginary line of the fold in the center of the bag.
6- Superimpose the next bag in the upper part, pressing firmly on the glued area. Leave to dry for a few minutes.
8- Take from the top bag and pull gently to form the fan. Take the first bag and the last and glue, if necessary, affirm with a brooch.
9- Drill one of the sides and place a hanging tape.
10- Finish with a circle stuck on the front with the color, character or theme of the party.


You can also make these rosettes with tipped endings instead of waves. The difference lies in the initial core of the bags.


paper fans for parties

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