DIY Flower Pomander for the garden


The pomanders are decorations in the shape of a sphere, usually to hang. They are made from spheres of paper, telgopor or Chinese lamps, decorated with flowers, stones, papers, seeds, etc….. They are very eye-catching and decorative. They are used for indoor and outdoor events, I love flowers in open-air parties. They give a fresh and elegant touch to any celebration. You can also make them with lights and set an evening event. The presentation options are endless, as much as your imagination.

In this case you are going to learn how to make a floral pomander very colorful, special for this spring.


  • Paper lamps
  • Flowers of paper or cloth
  • Transparent crystals or bijou stones
  • Battery-operated or solar lights (optional)
  • Glue gun



  • Open the lamp to its full size.
  • Glue the flowers with a silicone gun. Start with the larger flowers and then fill in the spaces with the smaller ones.
  • Then glue the crystals between the flowers.
  • Tie from inside the lamp, a tanza with crystals at the end, this will give movement and elegance to this pomander.
  • If you are going to add light, this is the moment, for that you must tie the light inside the paper lamp.
  • To finish, tie a tanza at the top to hang.


And the job is done!


Source: morenascorner

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