DIY Giant paper flowers


The giant paper flowers are taking on a lot of prominence in the party decorations feminine. Both girls and women, at weddings, anniversaries, etc.. They are used as a whole, as a large thick bottom of flowers, or isolated. Either way, they are beautiful and worth considering for an upcoming event.


On the web there are many ideas of many colors, formats and materials. These flowers are made entirely in cardboard, from the petals, to the center and even the leaves. Next you will be able to see the detail to make them look so pretty or more!



  • Print the template of the petals if necessary. Why? Because the petals have a size that doesn’t need a mold. For example, for large petals whole A4 sheets are used vertically. For the central petals, the leaves are used folded in half, so you will get two petals per leaf. And for the little ones, fold the sheet into four parts, and you will have four petals per sheet. So you need 6 leaves for the large petals, 3 leaves for the medium ones and 1 and 1/2 leaves for the small ones. In addition to 1 and 1/2 leaf for the center of the flower.
  • Place the largest template on the whole sheets (6), mark the outline and cut. Then cut 5 centimeters from the center out as seen in the images. Take the petals together and roll from the rounded side towards the centre.


  • Put glue on one of the cuts and encircling the eyelashes, not too much, but the flower would be very closed. Once all the petals have been glued, join them together by placing glue on the side of each of them.


  • Stick the petals so that they are like a bowl, when you get to the end, stick with the first.
  • Do the same procedure for the other petals, remember that for the medium petals you need to fold the leaves to the middle and you will get two of each leaf, and for the small ones in four.
  • Once you have the three “flowers”, place one inside the other and glue them in the center. On the back, glue a square of cardboard to close.


  • To make the center of the rose, take the remaining leaf and half, fold the whole one in half and cut.
  • Fold each half of the sheet in half lengthwise, cut strips without reaching the end and then roll until you reach the end. From time to time place glue to affirm. Join the other two halves of leaf to form a very fat center.


  • Finally put glue in the center and glue the roll.


To create a great background for a party, you need several of these flowers, even of different shades and sizes. Of course you’ll have to choose the ones that fit the theme of your party.

Below you can see the video with the step-by-step to make giant paper flowersIn case you didn’t understand a step, it’s going to clear it up for you.


Source: ashandcrafts

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