Ideas to paint chairs and change the appearance of your rooms!

Incredible as it may seem, there are certain changes at home that we can materialize on our own. To obtain wonderful, original and determining results when modifying the style, air or good vibrations of some of our spaces, can be summarized in changing the colour of pieces as dynamic as they are determining when it comes to shaping it. And as if to show a button, today I bring you a lot of good ideas for painting chairs, and changing the appearance of your rooms through practiceDo you join this simple and apparent change? Well, take good note that we’re starting!

painting chairs II
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In neutral tones

If you think that the idea of brightening up with some bold color is clearly not for you, betting on decorating in neutral tones when painting your chairs, will give a great touch of visual interest to the decoration of your dining area. Range of greys, black, whites and wide line of browns can become everything you need for brand new space. of the most original and unexpected of forms.

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painting chairs
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Just the sitting

Changing the aesthetics of just sitting can give you great results. Painting chairs admits a lot of variants, and if any of them seems too daring or attractive to the eye, you bet it’s only one of them that looks that way. You will boast of original airs without getting tired and you’ll have originality in the most guaranteed space!

painting IV chairs
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To decorate a house with little money is for many extremely determinant. But that doesn’t mean that you have to end up falling into the general aesthetics of the low cost house where the absence of originality and style is almost what is expected of it. Betting on investing time instead of money, it will be a sure success to distinguish it from the majority while promoting its character, warmth and identity. And all through small details such as that of encourage you to paint chairs printing on them a part of your taste and more personal style! Recreate yourself by doing it and you will have served the originality spending very little by the way 😉

painting chairs III
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Bet on dip painting

Dip Painting, or submerged effect technique, is a practice with which painting chairs yourself will be a piece of cake. It’s about imitating the effect achieved when you put each of your legs in a pot of paint, and to put it into practice you will not need more than the chosen paint and double-sided tape with which to mark or delimit to what level you want to reach with the new makeover for your chairs.

Paint chairs VII
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All the same

Painting chairs betting on changing the aesthetics of each and every one of them, can lead you to a more varied result than you had originally thought. So if you want to show renewed airs without renouncing to a distinguished style and not tiring at all to the sight, bets for subtle touches full of originality.

Paint chairs VI
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Painting chairs: Variety can be the taste!

If you have the most heterogeneous style, don’t even think about it. Your thing will be to bet on the colors you like best and paint each of your chairs with a different one. In monochromatic rooms, this effect can give a lot of itself. You can get it. with the same model of chair and different color, or with totally different models among if to obtain a completely devastating image.

Paint chairs VII
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Preserves some of the original finish

Continuing to highlight the essence and original finish of at least certain parts of the pieces with solera, is a precious way to give them room in our day to day. Combining the art of fusing the present with the aesthetics of yesteryear will result in superb results. What do you think about the result you can get?

painting IX chairs
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A fresh and casual touch

Even the most linear and simple of environments is susceptible to change by simply encouraging you to paint chairs to change their appearance. And if not, look how good it has been for the dining area that I show you through the following example. Don’t you think that those bright colors have been wonderful for him?

painting IX chairs
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A turn of the screw to the usual

Even the most classic piece can become the star of rabid topicality. in your dining room. And it is that to turn your chairs of always in protagonists of the stay can be as simple as to bet for giving them an unexpected color.

painting XI chairs
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As you can see, painting chairs can become the option you swim looking for new aesthetics in your dining area without investing too much along the way. Choose the idea, technique and colour that best suits what’s on your mind and don’t wait any longer to show off results worthy of a magazine cover at home!

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