How to plant an avocado or avocado seed in water

plant avocado seeds

Planting fruit seeds we consume can be a lot of fun for the little ones. That’s why today I share this simple experiment with a seed of avocado or avocado. Below I give you the tips not to fail in the attempt…..

This experience captivates children who love nature, admire every millimeter of growth and are surprised by it. In this case, we’re going to do to germinate a seed of avocado or avocadois very large compared to others, but this allows us to see its development in the water.

These indoor plants do not bear fruit, since they must have an appropriate climate and a long time for the development of the tree. But you can grow it as an ornamental plant and decorate your home.

Steps to plant an avocado seed

  • Wash the seed with water and let it dry overnight. Nail four sticks to the sides of the seed facing each other as shown in the image below. We place it in a glass or jar with water (if it is much better rainwater), with the flat part of the seed down. The water should cover the third part of the seed.
  • Place the glass with the seed in a place that receives light but not direct sunlight. Add or change water when necessary.
  • After a few weeks you will see the first roots and the stem sticking out of the seed at the top. When the stem measures 15 cm, cut it in half so that the plant takes strength. Keep the bottle with clean water and in a place where the direct sun does not give it, until the plant reaches again 15 cm high and the roots have thickened.
  • At that time the plant will be able to receive more light for the leaves to grow and the plant to develop. Once the leaves are born, the plant can be planted in a pot with soil taking special care not to damage the roots. At this moment the plant will already be happy to receive a few rays of sunshine, water to keep the soil moist (not flooded).

With all these recommendations, you’re ready to start with this nice experience for kids to bring them closer to nature with elements that we would discard. A seed or stone of avocado or avocado, a jar and a few chopsticks. This procedure can be done with a sprouted potato or with a sweet potato, only that the plant that will be developed will be different, the avocado will be transformed into a small tree and the potato will make rather hanging branches that will serve to decorate the interior of the home without needing to take it to the ground.

like planting a seed of avocado or avocado

How to plant a avocado seed – Image: diy fairy gardens

How to germinate potatoes and sweet potatoes in water

How to germinate potatoes and sweet potatoes in water – Image: Pinterest

I hope you liked this proposal and tell me the results… Until next time! ♥

Source: diyfairygardens

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