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cactus cupcakes

Many already know of my charm by the cactusand in the search for creative dishes for a Thematic Cactus PartyI found these cupcakes that meet all expectations. The cactus and succulents have become an addiction for many people a few years ago and this type of cupcakes are very much appreciated…

These are simple cupcakes, prepared with premix, or with a recipe that you like or are used to making. All the detail is focused on the decoration, but with these simple steps you will achieve an equal or better result!

cactus-shaped cupcakes and succulents


  • 1 box of premix for cupcakes or bizcochuelo
  • Pirotines
  • Buttercream (see recipe here)
  • Crushed biscuits
  • Edible dyes red, green and yellow
  • Fondant or modelling paste
  • Glasé
  • Pastry Sleeve


  • Prepare the cupcakes as indicated on the package. Place the pyrotines in an plate for cupcakes or cupcakes and fill them leaving a third of the same without dough. Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Prepare the buttercrem and book until the cupcakes are cold.
  • Once ready to place buttercream on the surface of the cupcakes and sprinkle or submerge in a bowl with ground cookies to create a sand effect typical of cactus cultivation, if you like sand color, you will need vanilla cookies. And if you like to simulate land, chocolate cookies.

cactus-shaped cupcakes

With all the cupcakes full of sand, we move on to the main decoration.

For the tall cactus: take a piece of fondant and make a cylinder of the desired size. Stick it to the cupcake with a little glaze and affirm it with a toothpick. Then take the pastry sleeve with green buttercream and a beak of leaves to form the vertical lines. Start from the base of the cactus and go up, one line glued to the other. On the tip, place a flower to give a neater finish.

cupcakes shaped cactus decoration

For the round cactus: Make a fondant ball and stick it to the cupcake like the previous one. With a curly beak and green buttercream make flakes from the center out to cover the whole fondant ball. You can make more or less spikes, as you like. NOTE: If it is very hot when making cupcakes, you can replace the buttercream with real glaze.

cactus-shaped cupcakes and succulent diy

For the succulent cupcake: Stretch fondant with a roller and cut with a cutter for flowers of three different sizes. Then pinch the tips of the petals to imitate the leaves of a succulent. To make the center, model small petals and glue them in the center, then accommodate the layers of petals previously made, glue with water only in the center and finally, accommodate the succulent in the center of the cupcake.

succulent cupcakes step by step

succulent cupcakes step by step diy

I hope you liked this idea and take it into account for the celebration of your next party, you are going to surprise all your guests! See you soon! ♥

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Some cupcake ideas with cactus and succulents to inspire you.







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