How to make flamingos with paper pompoms

Do you like flamingos? I love them! That’s why I can’t stop sharing ideas and flamenco decorations tropical style in this blog. In this opportunity, we are talking about beautiful flamingos made with paper napkin pompomsbut the particularity and originality that they have, is that they can remain standing.

So you can place it as a centerpiece in a tropical summer festivalThe picture shows the Monstera leaves. They will also be perfect to accompany the cake of the party. There are plenty of ideas and I’m sure you’ll think of a lot more.

Now I want to show you the step by step of this great DIY from

Materials for making flamingos with paper pompoms

-Template (Download here)
-Pink or white paper napkins
-Pink cardboard
-Black fiber
-Pink plastic bulbs
-Thick thread
-Liquid glue or silicone gun
-Optional: pink polymer clay or clayette or cold porcelain

Step by step

1-Take 1 napkin and open it once, place it with the short side in front of us.

2 – Then fold the napkin in a zigzag.

3-Tie the napkin in the middle with the thick thread to hold it. If you would like to hang the flamingos, do not cut the excess thread.

4-Take the napkin tied up and cut out the corners.

5-Separate the layers of the napkins gently until the pompom is formed.

6-To make the legs, take a straw and shorten it about 4 cm on the side of the folds (this will be the right leg) and for the folded leg, shorten the straw 4 cm on the other side, to use the folds as a joint.

7-Stick the legs to the center of the pompom.

8-Take the template from the head, print it and pass it to the pink cardboard.

9- Paint the beak black with the fiber and draw the eye. Then stick it on the pompon, taking into account the location of the legs.

10-To hold the flamingo upright, make a kind of cone with the tip upwards of clay, or plasticine and insert the leg.


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