How to make a 3D flamenco decoration

The flamingos have become very popular in recent times, and are used to party decorationsWe offer a wide range of products, including clothing of all kinds, decorative objects and many other products. And so that you don’t get left out of this flamenco wave, I want to share this tutorial from that will teach you how to make a flamenco 3D to hang.

Can be hung in a girls’ room, used as a background in a flamenco theme party o tropical styleBy changing the size, you can create unique and super original decorations.

Materials for making a 3D flamenco

-Pink and white or plain pink striped tissue or kite paper
-Pink cardboard size A4 for the flamenco and black and white for the beak
-Black fiber
-Thick thread
-Silicone gun

Step by step

1-Fold the tissue paper in half 3 times and cut the edges with scissors. From there you will get 8 rectangles.

2-Place all rectangles with the right side up and as aligned as possible.

3-If it is necessary to secure all papers with a paper clip.

4-Fold all the papers like an accordion until the end.

5-Hold the paper accordion and tie in the center with a string. Round off the ends with scissors.

6-Pull gently up, left and right, sheet by sheet (only up, not down, so that the bottom is smooth)

7-Finally, there’s a half pompom of tissue paper.

8- Place the pompom approximately in the centre of a sheet of pink cardboard A4 and draw a flamenco head on it, according to the size of the pompom. Make the legs in the same way. (see picture 9)

9-Cutting off the head and legs

10-Place the head on a piece of white cardboard and trace the beak. Then cut it out.

11-Repeat point 10 on the black cardboard. Cut out only a part of the beak to create the typical shape of the flamingo beak.

12-Place the beak parts (black and white) in place on the head and glue. Draw the central line of the pco and the eye of the flamingo with the black fibre.

13-Gently glue the neck/head to the top of the pom-pom and the legs to the bottom with a silicone gun.

14- Make a small hole in the head, place a piece of thread and tie. And the flamenco will be ready to hang in the place you like best.


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