How to make dinosaur legs very easy

If your little one likes dinosaursThis simple and creative craft is special for him, and it is very easy to make. No need to make seams, just with eva or foamy rubber, scissors and silicone glue you can make a child happy for a long time, and that is very important!

These are dinosaur feet which are placed over the shoe, has an adjustment strip at the bottom to hold it in place.

Dinosaur leg making materials

-Eva or foamy rubber in two shades of green
-Silicone or plasticola gun

Step by step

-Taking the child’s foot as a reference, draw a dinosaur’s leg several inches larger on the eva rubber sheet. Cut out.

-Cut out darker eva rubber triangles for the nails and stick them on the leg.

-Make a cut as shown in the instruction image that will serve to introduce the foot.

-Stick a strip of eva rubber on the bottom of the leg, bearing in mind that the foot must go through it. This strip serves as a template and support for the leg on the foot.


From this idea, it occurs to me that these nice legs, could be a good entertainment for a dinosaur birthday. You might as well give them away as a party favor.

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