How to make Mexican papel picado garlands

It is fashionable to Mexican style partiesEspecially in this summer season, which can be celebrated outdoors and fill the spaces with colorful garlands. And like all Aztec festivals, the banners or chopped paper garlands can not miss, are the detail, essential!.

That’s why I want to share this simple and nice tutorial from so you can show off your party decorations without leaving life in every element you want to make. They are very easy to make, almost an elementary school craft, so even the kids can help.

I want to tell you that there are 3 types of templates, depending on the complexity to be cut. None of the three is difficult, but if you never made this manual, I recommend you to try the “easy” template and then continue with the others.

Materials for making Mexican papel picado garlands

-Coloured silk or kite paper
-Templates (at the end of the entry you can download them)
-White plasticine
-Cord or thick thread

Step by step

-Cut the template leaving 1 and 1/2 cm around, except where it says “folded side”, there cut flush.

-Cut the tissue paper that’s about twice the size of the template you’re going to use.

-Take about four pieces of tissue paper together and then fold them in half. Place the template on top of the papers and make sure that the side of the fold is aligned with the edge of the template that says “folded side”.

-Place the clips around to grab the papers with the template.

-Now the fun begins! Cutting the paper into pieces. For some figures in the middle, you can arrange the papers by folding them in half and thus cut them more easily. Remove the clips as you finish.

-Open the chopped paper that you have already cut and fold the top a little bit down and then place the string.

-Separate each chopped paper and open the fold you just made, put the string inside and add plasticola. Fold the paper back down to hide the string. Allow to dry. Repeat this step on all the papers.

-And you’ll be ready to hang and enjoy the beauty of these Mexican garlands.

Download the templates

Download template 1

Download template 2

Download template 3


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