How to make a tipi or Indian tent

All children like to have a space for themselves, either in their room or in another part of the house. They love to create private play spaces, such as under the bed, under the table, and even in the closet. That’s why I loved this idea of making a Indian tent, tepee o teepeewhatever you like to call it.

This idea is more than beautiful, you will have a corner decorated with a beautiful tepee and children a place to play, read, or share chats with friends. It’s very easy to do, and you’ll save a lot of money by doing it. Especially if you recycle an old sheet that you no longer use or scraps of cloth from other crafts.

The materials are few, you need sticks or rods of wood or bamboo canes, a piece of cloth 1m x 2m, scissors and cord or rope. As accessories you can add banners, dream catchersangel callers, little lights, pom-poms, wool tasselsetc…

  • Cut the sticks or bamboo canes 1.30m long with a saw.

  • Put three reeds together and tie them, then add the remaining three reeds and fix them well with the cord.

  • Arrange the “legs” of the tipi well so that they are 54 cm apart. This is for the tipi to be very stable and firm.

  • Then cut the fabric, following this mold. To cut the two corners at the same time, fold the fabric in half, so that there is a square of fabric 1mx1m. Then, from the corner that marks the drawing, we measure 73 cm to the sides and 38 cm diagonally.

  • Draw the lines on the canvas and cut.

  • Then, sew a buttonhole in each of the six corners of the fabric to then place each leg of the tipi. This will make the fabric very firm on each leg and the tipi will take shape well.

  • Make a semicircular cut in the upper part of the fabric and place on the cane structure, inserting the lower points in each of the eyelets previously made.
  • Then place the two remaining pieces of cloth over the top of the tipi covering the cord ties and the front.

  • To decorate the tipi, cut flags in burlap cloth in this case and tie them with rustic thread. You can make them from any fabric you like.

  • Finally, place inside the tipi a small rug or pillows to make it more comfortable. You can also add lights inside so children can use it at night.

  • The tipi is very easy to move, in case the children want to move it to another room, to the courtyard or a friend’s house. Simply remove the top fabric and decorations and roll up or put the reeds together a little.

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