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If you’re so fond of cactus and succulents Like me, you can’t miss this beautiful. DIY from the hand of “A Beautiful Mess.” It is a warm and modern cushion painted by hand, in a single color and without maximum details, simply the outline of the silhouette of some adorable cactus and ready! A very current reason to add to our home.

This cover is easy to make, the drawing is traced, painted simply with black acrylic paint and brush, stitched around and the cushion is lined. For this part, if you’re good at sewing, excellent! Otherwise you can buy a plain cover and paint it, or recycle some that you have and need a more modern touch.

In this case you are going to see the materials and the procedure to make a pillowcase from scratch, if you already have one, you only have to pay attention to the painting part.


  • White cotton fabric
  • Cotton colored fabric for the back (you can use white)
  • Almoahdón (this is about 45 cm)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Paper to print the template
  • Sewing machine


  • Print the four sheets of the template and paste them to obtain the complete drawing.
  • Cut a square of 48 cm side fabric so that it is 45 or 46 cm when sewn.
  • Place the white fabric on top of the template and mark the design with a marker or pencil.

  • Once all the design is on the canvas, it’s time to start painting. You can leave the paper underneath so as not to stain the table.
  • Add a small amount of water to the paint so that it runs well and does not leave marks when it dries. Draw a few strokes on another cloth to test the consistency of the paint. This must be fluid but not so watery, as it would spread through the fabric forming stains.
  • Trace the contours of the cactus and allow to dry well.

  • To make the cover, cut two pieces of coloured fabric for the back 48 cm x 30 cm. Make a 2 cm hem on one of the 48 cm sides of each rectangle.
  • Overlap the rectangles with the seam up so that the right side of the halves faces the painted fabric. Place pins to hold.

  • Sew around the entire square 1 and 1/2 cm away from the edge. Cut the four corners as shown in the image so that they are neater when you turn it.

  • Turn and iron right. Place the cushion inside and you can place it where you like!


Decor Scan Editors Team

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