How to make a DIY calendar

Have you ever forgotten an important appointment or just don’t know what day of the week you are on? The calendar is a fundamental tool to help you keep track of your appointments, but also to always know what day of the week you are. How to choose the right calendar for you? There are many solutions that can do for you. Discover the calendar that suits you best. Wall, desk, pocket.

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The calendar it is a tool present in every home. Helpful to mark the passage of time, but also to keep track of commitments or appointments important. A medical visit, or a school meeting, or a tax deadline. The notes you can write down are so many and the most disparate. With the arrival of the new year, the old calendar must be replaced with a new one. But how to choose the new calendar?

THE calendars are among the most popular gadgets is give yourself from corporate brands and activities of all kinds in the Christmas period. Alternatively, you can easily buy them in the stationery bookstores. Neither exist of different types, desk or from wall or pocket. But if these calendars don’t satisfy you then you can quietly decide to make a calendar yourself. How to do? Here are some tips for creating original and personalized calendars.

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Types of calendars

THE calendars can be realized and customized in formats is in graphics more disparate. Let’s start with the format. Calendars can be:

  • Pocket-sized, they are small and can be easily placed in your wallet, or kept in your purse;
  • For desk or table, it is a small format, equipped with a base and can be kept on the desk within reach, useful for checking, for example, a useful date for a deadline, or to check the date of the current day;
  • From the wall are generally those of the bigger size and you can hang them on the wall of your home, office or any room you want.

The calendars they are also customizable in graphics and in contents. They are typically made following a theme. Eg I’m very widespread those gods Saints, or those of recipes, or even those of Automobiles, of landscapes and many other issues.


DIY calendar

If the calendars on the market do not satisfy you and you want something original and creative, you can create unique and exclusive projects that will accompany you throughout the year.

For make a DIY calendar you have several possibilities. You can take a cue from some already made and then customize them to your liking. Or alternatively, with a simple PC program you can create tables where you will go to order and distribute the days of the week correctly. After making these tables you can print them and apply them on a support at your leisure.

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Chalkboard Calendar

In addition to being a useful tool, the calendar it can be also an original furnishing tool for the study or for your kitchen. A pinch of imagination and creativity will be enough to create a truly original project.

Taking advantage of the available space on the wall, get yourself a black chalkboard effect cardboard and place it on the wall. At this point you will have two solutions. You can write directly by hand with colored chalk or felt-tip pens, or you can print the writings and then paste them on your blackboard. The effect will be truly original and creative.


Photo wall calendar

If you want to leave a souvenir of your family on your wall or your holidays, or even your most beautiful moments that accompany you throughout the year, you can make a calendar from the wall photographic.

Also in this case you can take advantage of technology to carry out this creative project. Create many leaflets how many are the months of the year and for each month choose a photo to match. After you have printed the cards with the months of the year and the photos, it’s time to place them on your wall.

The possibilities are so many. For example, you can get yourself a wooden panel on which you will go to attach the various cards, add some decoration and that’s it.

Alternatively, you can simply get yourself a wooden frame, or other material, to which you will connect the cards in a creative way, for example with string or hooks. Or with whatever your imagination inspires you.

In this way you will have obtained a triple result: in addition to decorate your home with photos, you will have the opportunity to admire your photos family and finally, the primary function of the calendar, you will not miss your appointments most important because you have forgotten a date.


How to make a DIY calendar: photos and pictures

Would you like a personalized calendar? If you love DIY and you like to create unique and original projects, then you can create a tailor-made calendar for you. Discover some projects that can be made and get inspired for your original creations.


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