How to organize the table for the Epiphany lunch

How to best organize the table for the Epiphany lunch? How to make the table fun, playful or glamorous, perhaps with themed place cards and napkin holders? If you are looking for ideas, follow our tips to make your Epiphany lunch unforgettable.


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The Epiphany takes away all the holidays, but it certainly does not take away the desire to make the final lunch of all the Christmas holidays special. But how organize the table for the Epiphany dinner to make the atmosphere magical and cheerful?

One fundamental ingredient is enough: your imagination. Follow our advice to organize a welcoming table for the Epiphany lunch, which makes happy not only the children, the undisputed protagonists of this party, but also the adults.


Choose the colors of your table

L’organization and decoration of the table for the Epiphany lunch are fundamental to give a festive touch to your home. The table will be the focal point of your dining room decoration and will be the center of attention of your guests.

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But what colors to choose for your table? The combination of colors red, green it’s white it is a choice of colors that embodies to perfection it spirit of the Epiphany. If you want to break up instead inspire from the jewels and crowns of the gods Magi kings, choose the shades of white and gold which will also add a touch of freshness and elegance to your table.

If you want to give a modern touch and sophisticated at your table have fun choose a runner with matching color placemats. Your guests will certainly be impressed by the elegance of your table.


Setting the table with style

Whether you choose to to organize yours table in a fun or more formal way, the choice of the tablecloth, of the place cards, of the mise en place it is essential to create an unforgettable and impactful atmosphere for your children and guests.

But how to arrange plates, glasses and cutlery?

  • To the center arrange the dish.
  • To his left will go the Forks.
  • TO right goes on knife with the blade facing the plate ei spoons.
  • The teaspoon instead of dessert it should be placed up.
  • The chalice is placed above and to the right of the dish and his left you have the glass for water.
  • The saucer for bread or the salad arises at left above the main dish.
  • The napkin is placed under the forks or folded decoratively on the dish.

Have fun then scatter decorations, perhaps candies, stars or small socks to personalize your Epiphany table.

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Decorate with napkins

If you want to entertain the children and impress your guests, create some cute ones napkins in the shape of a stocking of the Befana to be placed on the underplates. A’another idea original is that of to fold the napkins to crown shape o still you could create with napkins, some nice brooms. Just fold them in a zig zag, tie them with a ribbon and insert a stick or a breadstick.

Aother idea very decorative is to create gods napkin holder in the shape of a crown. It will be enough crop a roll of toilet paper in the shape of a crown, paint it gold color e sprinkle it with glitter. Very simple and of great impact. The watchword is to give free rein to your creativity.


Befana sock-shaped cutlery tray

Your guests will love seeing the care you put into every detail of your table for the Epiphany lunch. Make your table special and light up the eyes of your children, with some Stocking-shaped cutlery tray of the Befana. You can buy them or create them yourself with felt or, if you have time, knit them.

If you want to try your hand at create them with the pannolenci follow this method very simple:

  1. Take of the felt, fold it in half and divide it so as to obtain two pieces of cloth.
  2. With the help of an sock trace and cut out the shape of your sock.
  3. Take of the glue hot e roll it out along the edges of both sock shapes e paste.
  4. Decorate to your liking there it fits with a white upper border, with bows or with the face of the Befana.

If you want you could to add also a label with the name of your guests, to make him also a sympathetic placeholder.


Candle holder in the shape of a Befana broom

Make your Epiphany table bright with cheerful candles in the shape of a broom of the Befana. In addition to illuminating your table, candles will make the environment more welcoming for your guests. Here’s how to create them:

  1. Take gods dry twigs to make the broom of the Befana e cut them of the same size.
  2. Line them around to one candle thin and long e League with string.

As you can see they are very simple to make, just do it caution that the candles do not wear out until arrive to the twigs.


Placeholder for the Epiphany table

Look for that of yours table if you talk about it for a long time, you can’t avoid enhance it with placeholders that in addition to helping your guests find their place, they will be a nice gift in memory of the pleasant lunch spent together.

Could buy or create of the small wicker brooms with of the labels where you can put the name of your guests who, at the end of the meal, can take them home as a lucky gift. Or could create with del colored cardboard, of placeholders depicting the stocking of the Befana or the Magi and embellish them with ribbons. Or even a very nice idea is to create brooms full of candy and chocolates, which will surely be appreciated by the little ones:

  1. Get two paper bags is one cut it out entirely thinly striped while of the other crop only l‘upper extremity.
  2. Place the intact bag inside the chopped one e fill it with candy and chocolates.
  3. insert a breadstick or a wooden stick is pin it with a ribbon.


Centerpiece for the Epiphany table

The center table is the protagonist of your table. Also in this case the choice is really wide. You could use a table centerpiece stocking of the Befana full of sweets, or maybe the hat of our beloved old woman.

In alternative you could beautify a splash with tapes is fill it with candy and small Befana socks. If you want to give instead prominence ai Magi, you could create a composition with gods candle holder to shape of crowns o with the statuettes of the three kings.


How to organize the table for the Epiphany dinner: images and photos

If you are at the search for ideas for to organize your best table for the Epiphany dinner, give one look to our gallery, you will certainly find ideas and suggestions to conquer your guests and your children.


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