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How to make DIY Christmas place cards with plants, creatively recycled objects or common objects that you easily have at home? Guides, photos, tips and video tutorials


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Angels, candles, Santa Claus, comet stars these and many others are the main ones Christmas symbols: symbols that we can find not only on Christmas trees but also at the table for the fantastic Christmas dinner or Christmas lunch.

Making a placeholder it is not that difficult but a lot depends on our manual skills and on the time available, however it is worth proposing them so as to make the Christmas table special, with that extra touch that makes the difference!

Thanks to the placeholders, everyone will know where to sit and take home a nice meal at the end of dinner or lunch I remember of the event. Today we want to offer you a photo gallery of many Christmas place cards truly unique, place cards from which to draw inspiration to personalize our decorations for Christmas.

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As Christmas approaches, we begin to think about Christmas decorations and how to recreate a warm festive atmosphere to brighten up our home. Nice gods Christmas place cards they will help us decorate the party Christmas table and assign each guest their own place.


DIY Christmas place card

Surely in the gift shops you will find the most disparate offers and proposals, but for those who love to customize and want to try their hand at do-it-yourself, even with children here are some photos, ideas and guides.


Santa Claus in cardboard

Required material

  • 1 Cardboard
  • 1 Red Marker
  • 1 Black marker
  • 1 Pink Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue


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  1. Draw on the cardboard 2 isosceles triangles of 6 cm per side.
  2. One of the two should be folded in half and will act as a support for the other triangle. Glued the corner folded in the middle of the other card, to have the base of our Santa Claus.
  3. Now we cut out an ellipse that will be there face of Santa Claus.
  4. A cloud which we will fold in half to make the beard
  5. A speech bubble which will be the pom pom of the hat
  6. A clipping in the shape of an I or sausage, which will be the base of the hat.
  7. Let’s color our Santa Claus as in the picture
  8. If desired, we can also write the name of the diner on the base of the cap.

Santa Claus-Christmas Place Cards

Christmas balls place cards

An original and quick way to assign seats to diners is to take some Christmas balls and apply a clothespin to the drawstring to which we set a cardboard with the name of the diner.




Pine cones as a placeholder

  1. Let’s take one pine cone for each diner.
  2. We create gods panes from a cardboard, on which we will write the name of the diner
  3. We apply the cardboard on the summit of the pine cone. If necessary, helping us with del transparent adhesive tape.


pinecone placeholder

See the video guide to make Christmas place cards.

Christmas saplings

With cone-wrapped cards we can create simple and inexpensive place cards in the shape of a Christmas tree. We can color them at will and decorate them with cotton balls at the top.


The fabric saplings are also very special, soaked to be used as room fragrances. Guide for the realization by



Logs and leaves with pine needles

  1. We take gods dry twigs and let’s break them in small logs from 5/6 cm.
  2. We cut out gods cardboard rectangles on which we write i names of the diners.
  3. We insert the cardboard and one between two logs pine leaf and glue the two ends.





Pine leaves and cardstock

We can use leaves with pine or fir needles for quick and easy creations as in the photo.


Place cards with Christmas candles

Another particular idea that helps us create the atmosphere of Christmas is to make place cards with DIY Christmas candles.









Photo gallery and ideas of Christmas place cards


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