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The butcher’s broom, one of the classic decorations of the Christmas period. Surprising and imaginative ideas to beautify the rooms of the house where we most want to breathe the Christmas air. Examples and photos.

decorations with butcher's broom

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In the Christmas period it is almost normal to buy the Christmas Star, one of the characteristic plants of this holiday as well as representing a very colorful and high-impact idea to give liveliness even to the most anonymous corner of the house.
These plants bring color and a festive air to the home, but there are other types of even more decorative plants such as the butcher’s broom.

The butcher’s broom is a bush-shaped plant composed of large red berries and from prickly leaves: being evergreen it is easily found even in winter, and it is in this season that the berries that give the most beautiful Christmas sensations are formed.

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In addition to being beautiful to give as a gift and also well wishing, this plant, is perfect for making a lot Christmas decorations for the House.
Let’s see some examples that we can easily replicate even in our home.

1. Garland

Christmas wreath with butcher's broom

There Garland it is certainly one of the easiest decorations to create with the butcher’s broom: with the leaves and the berries fills the wreath frame and hangs on the front door to welcome guests during the holiday season. If you want to make it even more personalized, just add your name or that of the little ones, so that they will feel even more protagonists.

Being a very resistant plant, we will not even have the task of constantly having to clean the floor every time we open and close the entrance to our house.


Christmas centerpiece with butcher's broom

The centerpieces made with the butcher’s broom and a candle undoubtedly red in full Christmas style: the pairing can be placed on a plate or simply in the center of the table for Christmas lunch. Take care not to leave the candle unattended once it is lit.

Even in the long winter evenings it will give you delicate and intimate situations, to fully experience the happiness of Christmas.

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Finally, the symbol of the butcher’s broom is widely used reproduced on objects with various painting techniques or on i sweets with sugar paste.


If you really don’t want to know how to recover it, you can always think of it as a decorative motif. Therefore represented on the tablecloth that you are going to arrange for the Christmas lunch, it can become an element of embellishment and also smart, as well as being a last-minute gift idea.


4.Vase for windowsill

The spirit of Christmas is often combined with the exposure at windows of decorative elements, almost a kind of competition to show that you are up to date with and events. Really simple and immediate to make, with a simple jar and a twig to be imagined.

Stechender Mäusedorn (Ruscus aculeatus) & # 8216; John Redmond & # 8217;

5. Pine cones and butcher’s broom

Remaining on the naturalistic theme, one of the ideal combinations that the butcher’s broom can boast is with the pine cones, really simple to find in the woods near your home and which, once cleared of the excess earth, can give that touch to the environment that will satisfy you. And if you want to give a winter look, just arrange some cotton or give it a sprinkle with one of those cans that replicate the snow.


Butcher’s broom decorations: pictures and photos

In the photo gallery, other proposals to make the next Christmas colorful and naturalistic, to sweeten the home environment even more.


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