Christmas crafts for children

What Christmas chores do children do? What decorations can we have children create? Guides and tutorials for perfect Christmas crafts for kids


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The Christmas is upon us, but ours children they are already starting to feel thatChristmas atmosphere that fascinates young and old: shopping malls, televisions and TVs help their imagination Christmas decorations that for days now have begun to pop up along the streets of the cities in the shops.

Christmas crafts for children

If for Christmas tree it’s too early, we can pass the wait and stimulate their imagination by offering them some Christmas crafts for children.

Let’s see together some simple but very very nice Christmas work

Christmas star for children

christmas stars for children

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Do you want to create a simple simple decoration with your children? A little cardboard, scissors and glue and you can make some beautiful ones Christmas stars to hang on the Christmas tree.

Here is the step by step guide to making poinsettias with children.

Christmas bauble with candies

christmas balls with candy

Do you want to create a beautiful and good Christmas bauble? Then this tutorial is what you were looking for: a polystyrene ball, toothpicks and some gummy candies and you will see how simple it will be to make Christmas balls with candies.

Santa Claus to be colored

Santa Claus-coloring-reindeer

More than a job, we can define it as a great way to entertain children: the undisputed protagonist of Christmas is him mister Santa Claus, a kind of super hero who every year manages to make millions of little ones dream all over the world.

Here are many Santa Claus coloring pages to download for free

Paper snowflakes to cut out


An easy easy job but that will thrill the little ones (and not only): we create many snowflakes with some paper and scissors, as well as being able to use them for decorate our windows, will help children to stimulate the imagination and to acquire manual skills with scissors.

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If you want to indulge yourself with many other jobs or ideas to beautify your home for your Christmas, visit the Christmas decorations section.

Photo gallery Christmas decorations

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