How to make a boho-style coat rack step by step

That decoration and order always walk hand in hand shouldn’t be any secret for you at this point. And for you to continue to practice this triumphant binomial in every corner of your home, today we bring you a great idea: to make yourself a spectacular boho-style coat rack. It couldn’t be easier!

boho style coat rack We love DIY projects that are original, decorative and easy to carry out. And this idea we bring you today has all those qualities. This is a boho style coat rack that, in addition to being the most original and special, will help you to put order and concert in any space. And besides, you must have done it with your own hands. Great, isn’t it?

It’s a formidable way to kill two birds with one stone. Thus we get a very practical complement when ordering a room, and we also have a natural element that decorates by itself, and that goes great with boho deco chic style environments. Want to know how to do it step by step? Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you.

Where to place this special boho-style coat rack?

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The best way to do things is to make sense of them. That’s why, before you get down to work with this entertaining and original work, it’s a good idea to know where are you going to put your coat rack boho style once you’ve finished it.

There is no single location within the house where you can place it, but its location will depend on your own needs. It’ll look great on you. in the bedroom, to place the day’s clothes before putting them back in the closet (if it is clean) or to prepare your styling for the next day. You can also place the coat rack in the dressing room, if you have a spacious corner.

Another place to hang your new boho-style coat rack is in the foyer. It’ll do you good to put on your coats, handbags and accessories. And also to hang the clothes of your guests when you celebrate a meeting or a special party.

Let’s get to work!

boho style coat rack Now that you have more free time, with summer and holidays, it’s the perfect time to do this simple and very special DIY job. To get started, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials, starting with the branch of the tree. Take advantage of a walk in nature and get a fallen branch of the right dimensions, more or less than 1.5 m. If you can’t find one that size, you can always cut it to the size you need with the help of a saw.

In addition to the tree branch, you will need large black open females, steel cable, cable end pieces and a fastening system for hanging the coat rack from the ceiling (special plugs).

As for the tools, you will need a meter, a punch, a drill, some clamps, a drill bit for wood of 3 mm and another one of 8 mm, and an Allen wrench.

boho style coat rack When you have gathered all the things you will need, find a suitable table and place the branch on top of it. Fix it with the help of sergeants or tweezers. so it doesn’t move while you’re working. Start by measuring where you’re going to put the sockets as hooks. You can use the punch to mark points about 6 or 8 cm apart, depending on the size of the branch.

Drill, it’s been said!

boho style coat rack Once you know clearly where to put the hooks, place the 3 mm fine drill bit into the drill and prepare to make the holes. You can use the Bosch Easy Drill screwdriver, being careful not to overdo it, as the branch will probably not be very hard.

Then you’ll have to make two thicker holes, one at each end of the branch, and then hang the boho-style coat rack from the ceiling. Measure first so that the two holes are at the same distance from the ends.

Attaching the hooks

Now you’ll have to go placing the hooks in the holes and tighten them firmly. Work little by little, making sure that all the females are in the same direction and at the same height.

Hanging up the coat rack

It’s time for hang your boho-style coat rack from the ceiling in the chosen place.

Pass the steel cable through the holes you made earlier with the 8 mm drill bit to hang the coat rack. Finish with the metal piece and adjust it with the Allen key. Now all you have to do is measure the cables and hang the coat rack from the ceiling with the appropriate plugs.

As you’ve seen, if you’ve embarked on the DIY adventure of getting your boho-style coat rack, it’s a job that couldn’t be simpler or cheaper, since you don’t need special materials or a lot of money to buy them. Enjoy it!

Idea and photos: Bosch Home & Garden.

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