How to make cactus-shaped cushions

Today I want to share this beautiful DIY, cactus-shaped cushions very easy to make and highly decorative.

The cactus and succulents continue to tread hard and from this space, I want to give you all the possibilities so you can decorate your home at low cost and with very good taste.

In this opportunity, you will see two options of cactus, but with a little imagination you will be able to make the variety and quantity that you want. If you don’t have cactus at home, you can use the images of the great Mr. Google who knows everything.

You don’t need to know how to sew, this idea is great for those who are not yet friends with the needle and thread. The parts of these cushions are glued… yes, as you can see, they are glued with fabric glue. Do not hesitate to use this glue, because it is very resistant and can withstand washing perfectly.

I’ll give you the list of materials to take note of.


  • Green fabric
  • Red, orange, yellow, white or the color you like to make the flowers if you choose a variety that contains them.
  • Tijars
  • Fabric glue
  • Padding for cushions, in this case fleece
  • Printable template
  • Adhesive tape or plasticola to join the molds
  • Tailored chalk (you can replace it with a piece of white soap or toilet soap)

Step by step to make cactus and succulent cushions

  • Print the template, you will need 2 sheets per mold. To give you an idea of the final size of the cushions, I’ll tell you that each sheet is 21 cm wide, so each cushion will be 38 to 40 cm high.
  • Cut the template by the contour and join with tape to form the whole cactus.
  • Fold the fabric in half making the right side inside and mark the contour of the cactus with chalk, soap or green marker in case you do not have any of the two previous options.
  • Cut around the contour.
  • Glue the entire perimeter with fabric glue leaving the bottom open.
  • Turn around and fill with fleece.
  • Finally, close the bottom by slightly folding the edge inwards.

Here below you will be able to see the images of the step by step if you have any doubt. I hope you like it!


Decor Scan Editors Team

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