How to get rid of ants on the balcony: natural remedies and tips

The problem of ants on the balcony is very common, especially in spring and summer. Let’s find out how to eliminate them, from plants and walls, putting into practice some valuable tips and using very effective natural remedies.


The arrival of spring coincides, very often, with that of ants. These small and numerous insects – they travel in real colonies! – manifest themselves on the terrace and balcony, ending up also penetrating into the house by passing into the walls through small cracks or imperfections in floors and fixtures.

Fortunately, they exist tips and tricks to keep in mind to manage the problem, especially when this is closely related to the presence of aphids, parasitic insects that nest in plants and pots.

Let’s find out together how to get rid of ants on the balcony and prevent them from entering the house, putting some in place very effective natural remedies which represent a valid alternative to pesticides.

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Ants on the balcony: the causes

It frequently happens to find ants on the balcony and their presence is by no means accidental. The ant colonizes where it has the opportunity to feed and get food sources, so why on the balcony? Not everyone knows that the presence of ants on terraces and balconies it is linked to that of particular parasitic insects of plants, called aphids, which produce a sweetish substance which the ants feed on.

For this reason we find ant nests on the balcony, especially near the pots of our plants, risking that real colonies of insects spill over even indoors through cracks in the walls or passing under the fixtures.

The period in which the ant infestation begins coincides with spring and lasts until the end of the summer.


How to get rid of ants from balcony plants

At this point, let’s focus on this problem for a moment. When the ants come out of the plants and their pots, it is necessary to intervene on the cause that is the presence of aphids. Various solutions can be used to eliminate them. If they are not very numerous it is possible to proceed with mechanical and manual removal of aphids, helping each other with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Alternatively, we advise you to eliminate the affected part of the plant if possible.

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There are, of course, pesticides against aphids, but these are chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to animals and children. Valuable help comes from nature: against aphids nettle e some essential oils (such as Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil).

You can also use a solution of Marseille soap and water, to spray on plants and pots. By eliminating aphids, especially if they are the determining cause of the presence of ants, you will be able to largely solve the problem.

Always make sure that the ants nest is not found at all inside the vessels of your plants. In this case, the plant should be flared to remove ants from the soil. These tips also apply when trying to get rid of ants from your vegetable patch or garden.

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The best natural remedies for ants

There are so many natural remedies against ants on the balcony with which to manage the situation, completely safe unlike the classic pesticides which, let’s remember, can be lethal both for any pets and for children.


Baking soda against ants is one of the most effective and used remedies. After checking where the ants are coming from and what their path is, we advise you to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda along the way, particularly insisting on the perimeter of the walls and window frames.

how-to-eliminate-ants-on-the-balcony-baking soda


Not everyone knows that ants do not tolerate very strong smells, like that of mint or chilli. In particular, an ingredient that we all have at home is effective against these insects: the coffee. Try placing the coffee grounds on the balcony or veranda: the strong smell will confuse and stun the ants, which will no longer be able to reach inside your home.

To amplify the effect, add a few drops of lemon juice to the coffee.



To eliminate the ants on the balcony try to exploit salt, another good deterrent to be spread in the vicinity of the anthill and also in the small cracks of the windows or walls. Also in this case the ants will be hindered in their path and will not be able to penetrate the house.



Spray a vinegar-based solution on the corners of windows and doors to keep ants away. Also wash the terrace and balcony floor with water and vinegar it can be useful for this purpose.


How to get rid of ants on the balcony: tips and tricks

First of all, it is important to close any access routes, such as holes or cracks. Proper maintenance of your balcony can really make a difference in the fight against ants, so focus carefully on both the fixtures and the flooring.

In order not to attract ants inside your home, always keep it tidy and clean. Pay particular attention to the kitchen cleaning, to prevent food residues from attracting them. Always close the sugar jar, for example, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for too long.

On the balcony it can be useful to plant tansy or mint, both plants with a very strong smell and unwelcome to ants.

We also remind you that to finally stop the infestation of ants it is necessary to find the nest and the queen, not just worker ants. If the problem is particularly important, it is always better contact a specialized pest control company.


How to get rid of ants on the balcony: pictures and photos

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