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Corten effect: what it is and how to recreate it on different materials such as iron, wood and plastic. Used to recreate a vintage effect, it is highly appreciated both outside and inside homes, let’s find out how to do it together.


Do you know what thecorten effect? If you love the vintage style you will surely appreciate this one finishing that antiques mobile And surfaces. It is about an oxidation, therefore from create deliberately rust on different materialsi to create a effect very special that fits harmoniously both in the outdoor and indoor, enhancing design modern, contemporaries And industrial.

Used in various environments such as kitchens or bathrooms, or on different furniture or even entire walls, the corten effect is ideal for who want propose asuggestive image of domestic environments. Appreciated above all for its texture, corten is one finishing that he has conquered is interior design that designers, becoming gradually an effect trendy and repeated frequently for to furnish with i seductive colors of the Red andorange.

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It’s possible, as mentioned, recreate thiseffect on different materials using do-it-yourself techniques or rely on expert hands. Let’s see together how to repurpose the corten on iron, wood And plastic.


Corten effect on iron

Recreate the effect corten on an iron surface can take place in two different ways and that is fix on the iron some real rust or simulate it painting it. For the first mode recommend to contact a professional locksmith because it is able to carry out the right operations by applying various treatments to get the result.

Instead, to recreate it, you can opt for paints that simulate rust, i.e. specific paints that not only reproduce color typical of rust but ne recreate perfectly even the texture or buy special patinas that reproduce the effect or, again, in commerce you can to find special reagents that in contact with iron neither provoke L’oxidation.

As mentioned, there are various do-it-yourself methods to replicate the corten effect. Here are some of them:

  • rub some sandpaper on the object in question
  • deposit on the surface ofwater mixed with salt
  • to expose the object or the surface tohumidity which is the most effective natural agent that causes rust
  • to apply of the spray special


Corten effect on wood

The charm of a piece of furniture in vintage wood is undeniable. Very often it is difficult to find around a beautiful piece of furniture that has an antique effect to be inserted, however, in a more modern context. If you have a wooden piece of furniture and you love the corten effect, here’s how can make it happen, giving it new life and creating that’effectrust“Of industrial atmospheres. To create the corten effect on wood you will have to:

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  • prepare the base then pass of the primer, if the wood is varnished it must be sanded. The primer is necessary for the paint to stick well, then let it dry for 24 hours
  • The time required for drying has passed you can spread the color, that is, one rust effect paint that you can find on the market in the form of a spray or opt for a classic paint to spread with a brush. Let it dry for an hour and repeat the step.
  • In the end, apply the reagent by spreading it or with a sponge if you want a “spotty” effect or with a brush for a smoother result.


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Corten effect on plastic

Do you want to renew a plastic object? that’s how change its appearance With the’corten effect. All that you will need it it’s a scratch brush or failing that even a toothbrush with hard bristles, one orange oxide paint, one blue paint, a red chalk, of the primer, a brush he was born in cooking salt.

The operations I’m really simple and the result will be spectacular:

  • first of all make sure you prepare everything you need and of to clean with soap and waterobject that you want to make “corten”;
  • after having thoroughly cleaned the object in question, it is necessary treat the surface with a fixative, or rather, a primer to do dry for at least 10 hours. When the fixative is completely dry, you can apply the first coat of paint rust-colored, being careful to spread it evenly, then let it dry;
  • therefore breaks the chalk and break it into small pieces, sprinkle them on the surface And sprinkles from the Transparent paint. Let it dry for at least one night in a well-ventilated place;
  • when the drying is finally completed all you have to do is the decisive passage of the salt. Therefore, get some kitchen salt and decide which areas will be made corten. Sprinkle the salt and then sprinkles still of fixing: leaves dry for a few hours and then passes a layer light of light blue paint. Let it dry again then scrape with one toothbrush or with a scratch brush the salt from plastic trying to get rid of all grains and dust. At this point, the work is done and you will have obtained the desired corten effect. Simple, isn’t it?

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