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DIY drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is undoubtedly one of the most useful systems, if we want to give water uniformly to our plants. Useful for hedges and plants, we explain how to create a system quickly and without spending a lot.

drop irrigation

Drip irrigation is particularly suitable for flower beds, for the hedge, for the creepers like the rincospermum, wisteria, the bignonia, for bushes for potted plants or in planters, in short, for almost everything that is not turf. This is due to the simple fact that often, many plants, even if sharing the same flower bed, may not have the same needs in terms of water, so it is necessary to differentiate the irrigation, adapting it to each plant.

climbing ivy hedge 5Drip irrigation for the hedge

For the hedge, this problem does not arise, as usually the hedge is made up of only one species, so for its irrigation the pre-drilled pipe will be fine, which allows a drop-by-drop irrigation, particularly appreciated by this type of plants.

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For the flower bed the situation could present difficulties. Unless it is a mixed border made up of herbaceous plants that basically have the same needs in terms of water, so the perforated tube could do just as well, it is better to use a normal hose on which to connect, with the appropriate fittings.

These are many small drip irrigators that also allow the adjustment of the amount of water, therefore it is possible to perfectly adapt the supply itself to the needs of each herbaceous essence.


Drip irrigation for the rock garden

Same goes for the rock garden, which often consists of plants with different needs, so the solution just mentioned is the most suitable.

Also in this case, once the arrangement of the hose with the various sprinklers has been completed, tube that in this case will be placed on the surface of the ground and which in all cases will be hidden from view by the same vegetation, you will have to connect it to the computer, preferably the one to be connected directly to the tap, programming it for a watering time of at least 45-60 minutes.

If several irrigations are active during the night, it is a good idea to program the various ones computer so that the irrigations do not overlap, to prevent the water pressure from being insufficient.

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OBI Irrigation Catalog 2Create a drip irrigation system

Making a drip irrigation system for the potted plants of balconies and terraces, practical and comfortable than water ours plant even when we are on vacation.

Simple and functional in the name of water saving, thanks to an electronic timer, which allows you to set both the time and duration of irrigation.

drip system tubeMaterial needed to make it

  • A electronic programmer battery operated to simply screw onto the tap, to determine irrigation times.
  • A flexible header pipe that connects the water delivered by the programmer with capillary tubes and from these to the drippers and micro-sprinklers;
  • Capillary tubes;
  • Drippers And micro-sprinklers adjustable, to dose the amount of water and to distribute it directly to the roots.

OBI Irrigation Catalog 3

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Drip irrigation do it yourself: pictures and photos

Drip irrigation is a capillary irrigation system, particularly suitable for flower beds and hedges. Find out with us how to make it easy and cheap.


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