Discover the advantages of renovating the house in summer

Summer is the best time to carry out repairs and renovations at home. We have more free time to be aware of the work, we can send the family on vacation to the second residence, many neighbors are away so the inconvenience that the reform entails is reduced. But there are also other advantages that make it the ideal time to give your home a new look.

In summer there are more hours of light

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In summer there are more hours of light because the days are longer. Working hours can also be longer and finish the work in less time. This way you avoid having to work with artificial light. Natural light allows well without using generators or flashlights.

The owner may be present reviewing the works

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If you do not want to leave the keys to strangers, nor the work without supervision, you can take advantage of the summer to carry out those improvements that your home needs. You can be aware of everything, choose the materials, finishes and supervise that everything is fulfilled as established in the contract.

In summer there is less humidity than in winter

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In the summer months the weather it is usually drier than in other seasons of the year. Moisture is one of the enemies of a work. The absence of rain will facilitate any work that involves contact with the outside, change of windows, installation of a gutter, renovation of the exterior flooring, painting of the terrace walls.

The absence of humidity inside the house makes everything easier, achieve a flawless finish and in less drying time. If your home has dampness, summer is the right time to treat and eliminate them.

A good time to check or change your heating and boiler

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Summer is the best time to repair or change the heating system. Both the emitting element and the radiators. The necessary works to fix the new radiators to the pipes in case of being gas will dry before. The boiler can also be change more calmly. In the case of an electric heater, the work necessary to change or install it will be less cumbersome and faster.

Greater ventilation and easier cleaning

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Once the work is finished it is necessary to clean and ventilate so that the odors go away. In the winter months it cannot be done properly due to wind or rain. On the other hand, in summer you can leave the house with the windows open throughout the night and in this way the smells of paintings, plastered …

Cleaning tasks will be carried out with easier in summer As there are more hours of natural light, it can be seen that all the remains that a reform entails have been thoroughly cleaned.

Install awnings and mosquito nets at home

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With the arrival of high temperatures in summer be grateful for shady areas in outdoor spaces that protect from the sun and heat. Not only does it make the terrace more habitable in the central hours of the day, but it also lowers the temperature inside the house. Installing mosquito nets on the windows will prevent annoying insects from entering.

Renovate the kitchen in summer

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The kitchen is used daily and running out of it for days when it can be tricky. Therefore, summer is the éideal time to reform it, since being away from home for a few days on vacation is no longer a problem. With more hours of daylight, operators will be able to move faster and finish the kitchen renovation in less time. You can delegate a trusted person to review the work and find the renovated kitchen when you return home.

New windows

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Bad weather and rain put aside changing old windows. On the other hand, in summer it is the ideal time to replace them with more airtight windows that contribute to a energy saving and that way you can save on heating in winter and air conditioning in the hottest months.

Paint the house in summer

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Painting the house in summer has many advantages, while the rest of the year the unstable weather can create more problems.

With stable weather, without rain, a faster drying of paint. When you open the windows and ventilate, the smell of paint goes away faster

In the summer months there are more hours of natural light than productivity will be higher.

By having more free time you can plan, organize and enjoy the result.

Summer is an ideal time to carry out simple reforms at home as it offers us many advantages, as you have seen. Do you dare to renovate your home in the summer months?

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