Drawings to color with children. 10 sheets to make them fall in love

Enjoying a thousand outdoor activities with the little ones is undoubtedly the most fun. But when it becomes necessary to entertain them without leaving the house, the situation seems to become somewhat more complicated. So in order to explore their more artistic and relaxed side while bringing out the artist in them, today we offer you a nice pile of drawings to colour in with children. You will only have to download the ones they like the most and enjoy a good time by themselves or with the family!

colouring in with children VI
Source: With my children

Take advantage of the time to put your house in order

Trying to get the most out of a little time by putting some order into a room at home can be easier if you make it easier for them to give free rein to their more creative side with a drawing representing the same activity, but in a much more fun way 😉 The explosion of colours that they will give place to will certainly make the difference!

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colouring in with children IV
Source: Olp Reunion

Simulating a day at the park

Among the different ideas to surround yourself with a more playful decoration at home so that you can entertain yourself and have fun without having to go out, you can propose that you color a a sheet in which they can idealize and shape one of their favorite moments of leisure and enjoyment.

colouring in with children III
Source: Woo Jr

Collaborating on a delicious recipe

The identification of different elements in a dense, visually entertaining and at the same time fun drawing, can be another format that entertains them when it comes to coloring at home. A commitment to facilitate the representation of an activity that attracts their attention and you’ll be a success!

colouring in with children IX
Source: Tidou

Filling your favorite characters with life and color

One choice not to fail when it comes to choosing coloring pictures with children is undoubtedly to choose not their favorite characters. They will be very clear on where to incorporate each color and they’ll love to fill them with life in their own paintings!

colouring pictures with children V
Source: Azcolorear

Visualizing the funniest bathroom

The pictures that encourage them to identify objects that have nothing to do with the activity being depicted also keep them entertained and very alert. They are not only performing an activity, but at the same time keep them focused on finding everything that doesn’t fit.

colouring in with children XII
Source: Pinterest

Colouring in with children: With their friends

If it is not yet time or the time to meet your friends again, representing it through the colors will help them to visualize it. The characterization and the most personal touch that he gives you, will be the most fun.

colouring pictures with children VIII
Source: Colouring

Exploring the marine world

If the sea, the beach or the seabed is another one of those things that attracts your special attention, don’t lack resources to teleport him! Among the drawings to color with children, it will be one of his favorites.

coloring pictures with children X
Source: Woo Jr

By means of labyrinthine riddles

The films that in addition to coloring, they encourage you to try and thinkwill keep them doubly entertained and busy. Who knows, maybe you’ll help them discover a new hobby they love.

colouring pictures with children VIII
Source: Dover publications

Cooking with the family!

Recreating a harmonious and fun family activity can be a lot of fun. Combining imagination with reality is what allows them to remain children 🙂

colouring in with children XI
Source: Dover publications

As you can see, having drawings to colour in with children at home can be a great idea. Download the one that best suits the tastes of your little ones, and colour it in, which is gerund!

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