10 ideas for original and easy gift wrapping

If there is one thing that we enjoy but a lot of it, it is preparing beautiful gifts for our loved ones. Any time of the year can become a unique moment to surprise them, but what doubt can it have, that it is precisely at Christmas when we are most visible to bring out the artist in us to surprise our family and friends in the most beautiful of ways. So today, we focus on wrapping gifts in an original and also very easy way for you to succeed with practiceYou want to know how? Well, come on, let’s get started!

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Incorporate some of your crafts

If you love the world of crafts, you’ll be looking forward to seeing the time come to wrap gifts in an original way at Christmas. So… dust off everything you have shaped during the year without knowing very well what for, and fill your gifts with life more linear and lacking in personality with them. In the following example they have chosen to decorate with wool pompoms. Don’t you think it looks ideal?

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Don’t miss out on green

A touch of this color on your packages will completely change their essence and charm. Use any twig to do it. Although it is true that species such as fir, pine or eucalyptus, so typical of Christmas, will reach the heart of even the coldest recipient and serious about the family 😉

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Enhance your drawings with decorative elements

Do you enjoy drawing? Get yourself a big roll of kraft paper or wallpaper (the latter is much cheaper and you get the same visual effect) and wake up the painter living in you to shape the most original and creative gifts anyone has ever seen. Add to the package the decorative item that best suits the motif in question, et violà! You’ll see that you get results that will certainly be worth unpacking!

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Use a chalk pen

Wrapping with black paper can also give you a lot of creative ideas. The white marker will be very much in keeping with these dates, and at the same time contrasts beautifully with the basic black colour. The white chalk marker will allow you to get clean line results while allowing you to choose between different line thicknesses and types according to your tastes.

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Surprise with the continent

If you want the packaging to surprise as much or even more than the content, there are also ways to achieve this. And as if to show a button, look at the packaging of this pair of earrings that I show you below. Isn’t it great?

Gift-wrapping in an original way VI
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Original gift wrapping: With fabric

If you go beyond paper, don’t think you’ve run out of creative options for original gift wrapping. Any piece of paper can become the perfect ally to achieve magazine results.

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Recycling newsprint to wrap your Christmas gifts can be another beautiful and eco-friendly idea to bring new life to your old newspapers. In addition will help you cut the Christmas budget so not so bad!

Gift-wrapping in an original way X
Source: Elizabeth Joan designs

Accommodates natural elements

Using elements that nature provides us with to wrap, it will become a charming and most natural idea. Whatever role you choose, that unique touch will be the icing on the cake for your most special packages.

Gift-wrapping in an original way VII
Source: Baballa

Customize your own labels

If there is something that gives a very personal touch to everything you give away, it is to personalize the labels that accompany the present. Take this opportunity to write a unique dedication to reach the hearts of your people or even give a nice touch to the gifts. No doubt these are details you will appreciate.

Gift-wrapping in an original way IX
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As you can see, gift wrapping in an original way admits a lot of variants as beautiful as they are diverse. Choose the methods that suit you best and give a unique and special touch to the gifts you give to your loved ones!

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