6 simple reforms to change your house from top to bottom

To keep our house modern, comfortable and in good condition it is necessary to make some simple reforms from time to time. They don’t require much effort, you can make them yourself without the need for large investments, but they will make your house look much newer than it is. Here are 6 great projects to achieve this.

simple reforms
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How many times have you thought about that comprehensive rehabilitation you would do at home if you won the lottery? I’m sure there’s a lot. You would have imagined that you would change the floors, the carpentry, the installations, the coatings in the kitchen and in the bathroom… And that without counting on a total renovation in the furniture and decoration, of course! Well, stop dreaming and take action. If you can’t afford such rehabilitation, at least you can carry out certain simple reforms that will completely update your house.

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Don’t kid yourself. The chances are that the day will come when you will be able to make a complete restoration work are pretty remote. Not to discourage you, but I think it would be good if, while that day is coming, you consider how to get your house in perfect condition. Today we present you 6 simple reforms that will come in handy.

Ultimate walls, the number one of the simple reforms

simple reforms
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There are few things that define a house like the state of its walls. And they are also one of the easiest elements to renew. If you don’t like the colour of the paint, if you want to finish with the gotelé, if you want to change the wallpaper… go ahead!

All these projects you can do yourself almost without help, do not involve excessive expenditure and the result couldn’t be better. With freshly painted walls in the right color or with a special wallpaper, your home will look like another one.

Looking for new storage space

simple reforms
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Wherever there is a gap between walls, there may be a closet. Or a shelf, a trunk, a loft with doors, a drawer unit… I encourage you to search every square inch of your house looking for possible gaps to create storage modules for storing things.

If you get it, which you will, you’ll have gained space to use where there was nothing, in useless corners with no function until now. And that’s great. This is one of those simple reforms that are very effective.

A renovated kitchen island

Source: Leroy Merlin

You may have an island in your kitchen but it will be of little use if you don’t update it to put it to a new use, in case you’ve missed it. If you are only using it to leave behind junk and little else, it is time for you to reform it.

But how? One idea is to change the worktop for a wider one, with a cantilevered space, to create a breakfast or lunch bar. Put up some high stools and give the space a good lighting with some ceiling lamps. You got it!

Enlarge a built-in wardrobe

If you have a built-in closet at home that is too small, it wouldn’t hurt to examine the interior thoroughly. Many times behind the walls of these cabinets are hidden hidden holes. And many times the partitions can be thrown away to expand the space.

Even if you don’t seem to earn many square inches, any extra space is a treasure. Especially if you live in a small house.

Flying shelves in the kitchen

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You may think that wall cabinets in the kitchen provide a lot of storage space, and even if they do, sometimes the effect is counterproductive. If space is tight, they can be overwhelming. A great idea is replace them with open shelves, Have you seen that in the kitchen you can also carry out simple reforms that change everything?

One thing is certain. For open shelves to be decorative, they must always be in perfect order of magazine. There is no point in cramming them with things, because then they will convey a sense of chaos, rather than lightness.

New kitchen furniture… or almost

Source: Leroy Merlin

If your kitchen cabinets are a few years old, but the time has not yet come to change them, you have a solution within your reach that will make them look like new: paint them to give them another finish.

However, to achieve a good result you will have to use a suitable paint, of the colour and finish you prefer: gloss, high gloss, satin, matt, lacquer effect, etc. Choose a resistant enamel (the synthetics resist more than the acrylics), and that it presents a good adhesion so that you do not have to apply primer before the surfaces to be painted.

Start by removing the door and drawer handles. Then paint the cabinet doors with a special roller, applying two coats and allowing the surfaces between them to dry thoroughly. Finally, put the shooters back and, if you want, replace them with new ones for a total change.

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