10 Great Ideas for Personalizing Ikea Furniture

Rare is the home that today does not have any furniture or accessories of the great Swedish giant. And it’s also strange that at some point you haven’t thought about giving a twist to that piece that almost seems to have everyone at home. So to give you the boost you need, today I want to show you a few Good ideas for customizing Ikea furniture in the simplest, most economical and original way. Tuning up your own furniture has never been easier. You want to know how? Open your eyes, we started!

customize ikea X furniture
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Wooden boxes: A resource for all styles

Building a piece of furniture with wooden boxes may no longer be a secret for you. But what do you say to the idea of using just two of them to shape your particular home foyer? Bring their narrowest face together and screw on two legs of considerable height in order to end up looking about the same height as your waistThe newest addition to our range, it will be everything you need to show off your fully customized furniture in your home.

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customize ikea furniture
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Overlapping several of them can be another great idea to take advantage of a narrow gap without having to give up a good storage place as original as different that you can place in any room of the house. Choose legs that suit your style, et violà!

customize ikea VII furniture
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Malm series: A fixed among its best sellers

Drawers, dresser, desk, chest of drawers… The Malm series can be incorporated into almost any room where neutral colours reign or where you need a linear piece of furniture that does not cast a shadow on the rest of your decoration. But the tables may turn. Whether you decide to welcome colour into a corner of your home or whether, with no investment or a minimum, its appearance changes completely. The use of paint, can give you in this model great visual joys at the stroke of a brush.

customize ikea VIII furniture
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From plate holder to shelf support

The Ostbit bamboo plate holder can be much more than a simple accessory in your kitchen. And that’s because betting on incorporating them into some of your walls will give you some really authentic results. You can choose the type and length of shelf you want and play with the height between them depending on your needs on time.

customize ikea III furniture
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Customize Ikea furniture: The Rast dresser

A classic among classics is also this chest of drawers. Whether it is used as a chest of drawers, bedside table or simple auxiliary furniture, it certainly lends itself well to customization at some point in its long life. Dye, paint, wallpaper to cover the fronts of your drawers… One handle instead of two, joining two of them to get a double chest of drawers for greater storage needs and high doses of originality …

customize ikea II furniture
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customize Ikea IV furniture
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Another of Ikea’s classic pieces of furniture that never goes out of fashion is the extensive Ivar modular series. Chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves and all made and finished in natural wood can make the perfect combination if the idea of customising Ikea furniture has been your business for some time. In the example I show you below, raising a cabinet module on Castilian cut legsThe initiative has been the one that has been bet on. Don’t you think the result is ideal?

customize Ikea V furniture
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From basket to auxiliary furniture

A storyteller has been the version they have chosen in this case. And that’s because four legs have proved more than enough to lift all his favourite books to the height of the little one in the house. Having them well on hand will undoubtedly enhance their daily use and enjoyment.

customize ikea IX furniture
Source: Craftgawker

Kallax shelving

In any of its multiple versions, an example of this typical Ikea shelf could not be missing to finish today’s post. The incorporation of two doors, four drawers, two baskets and two conical cut legs and finished in metal that give the piece a more stylized styleThe new shelving system, which has been designed to be as simple as possible, has been sufficient to personalize the usual shelving system in the simplest of ways.

customize ikea VI furniture
Source: The cottage market

As you can see, the initiative to customize Ikea furniture may be easier than it first appears. The incorporation of legs, paint, a different handle or a different use to the one that most people give to a piece, can be more than enough to give new air to your home in the simplest, original and beautiful way. Wake up the artist in you and keep letting them tell you!

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