DIY Drinks in style

glasses decorated with gold paint

The trend this year is to add golden glow to most home decorations. Pots, pictures, signs, mugs, and glassware first. If you have complete sets of boring or very classic glasses, it’s time to renew them. That’s why today I’m sharing this spectacular DIY between us, so that you can perform these stylish drinks. This idea is simple and will allow you to play with your imagination and create unique and super original effects.

gilded glasses

To decorate your glasses you need:

  • Gold spray paint
  • Champagne glasses, wine glasses, goblets, etc.
  • Masking tape or pinto tape
  • Plastic bag

painting materials for glasses

Step by step for painting glasses

  • First of all you must choose the motif you will paint on your glasses. You can use the same model of the image or create vertical, horizontal lines, etc..
  • To begin with you must place the painter’s tape in the right place so as not to stain the rest of the glass, pressing on the edge of the tape of the part we are going to paint so that no paint filters through.
  • Then stick a little bag on top of the tape to take care of the rest that we don’t want to paint.
  • Once this step, which is the most important one, has been completed, you can start painting. Make sure you are in a ventilated place and protect the table or surface where you are going to paint.
  • Take the aerosol and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a perfect result.

That’s all, you just have to let the paint dry very well before removing the tape, by the way, do it carefully to protect the work and be impeccable! Good luck with this job!

DIY gilt painted glasses

step by step for painting glasses

diy painting golden cups

paint glasses with gold spray

gilded glasses


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