DIY rainwater tank

Useful in any garden or terrace, the tank to collect rainwater is an advantage for those who have to water the plants. It allows you to save a lot of water, using the water collected when it rains.

Amphora,A elegant reservoir do-it-yourself in the garden, from unique and particular design, for there collection of rain water useful for watering indoor plants, potted plants in the terrace and in the garden.

Collect rainwater to water the plants, it is certainly a very advantageous thing on an economic level, the savings on the bill will be significant. In addition to this, it will also avoid wasting a precious commodity such as water, as water supplies in the world start to run out.


How to make a DIY tank

Making a rainwater recovery tank in the garden is very simple. The main thing is that we can use different vessels of different material. It is only necessary to establish what type of container we want to install in our garden or on our terrace. Obviously the choice will also vary according to the budget available.

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It is possible, for example, opt for an amphora which, in addition to collecting water, can also embellish the outdoor space. This choice will certainly involve a greater investment, compared for example to a plastic container, such as a practical and light tank to move.

AmphoraRequired material

  • A container of variable capacity and of a certain aesthetic effect such as: amphorae, jars etc.
  • A wooden stopper custom made with a hole for the drainpipe.

AmphoraWhere to place our water tank

Choose as a location for the tank if possible a flat area, to avoid overturning and preferably in direct contact with the ground, so that the excess water that overflows will be absorbed by the soil without risk of flooding. The construction of a tank for the recovery of rainwater, as mentioned above, in addition to contributing to the saving of this precious liquid also allows considerable economic savings on the bill of payments.

Rainwater tank do it yourself: photos and pictures

Some interesting ideas to create a DIY rainwater collection tank on your terrace or in your garden.


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