DIY jewelry box

How to make a DIY jewelry box? How to order DIY necklaces, bracelets and rings? Recycle items such as jewelry boxes.


In winter, as in summer, it is nice to wear jewelry often combining them with a particular dress. They are elegant and refined and since the clothing during the cold season is very heavy and the colors rather dark, they are better suited to this style. In summer, however, where there is a whirlwind of colors and easier to wear necklaces And bracelets of beads, some even DIY. Therefore, needing a solution to keep them at hand, we show you how to make a DIY jewelry box readjusting other objects.

How to make a DIY jewelry box

Taking a wall hanger, perhaps with more hooks, you can really hang anything, so you always have the necklace or bracelet handy. A glance is enough to choose the colored jewel in an instant depending on the clothing and mood.

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Coat hangers

In winter, not using the jewels so much, it is possible to store them in a decorated box, while in summer changing clothes often, it is better to keep them close at hand. How did you solve the problem of jewels scattered in every corner of the bedroom? Do you use visible boxes or jewelery boxes? What objects have you managed to recycle by transforming them into jewelry boxes or jewelery boxes?

tree jewelry boxJewelery box in the shape of a tree

Before leaving the house, the only detail missing is choosing which jewel to wear! It would seem like a trivial matter, but it is not. In fact, if the choice has to be made between a large quantity, the thing becomes considerably complicated, because it involves overturning our jewel case and checking the jewels we have, of which we may no longer have memory.

In this case it would be really useful a tree-shaped jewelry box to hang necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings on to have them immediately visually available and not waste precious time in a useless treasure hunt

JewelryHow to make a jewelry box in the shape of a tree

To create the jewelry tree with our hands, initially make a wooden base on which to then create a niche that will house our jewelry holder branch. The branch used is a common branch kindly offered by mother nature, colored white and then finished with a polish, which gives it a glamorous air, such as to make it worthy of display on our home furnishings. Clearly the branch will not only be placed in the niche of the base, but also fixed with a little glue.

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DIY jewelry box – photos and images

Do you want to create a DIY jewelry box, to be able to store all your jewelry and always have them at hand? Here are ideas and photos to make it comfortably at home, using recycled materials.


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