DIY Gazebo Planter

DIY gazebo planter, here’s how to make it and embellish your terrace or garden, using it as a base to fix the gazebo or umbrella.


How to make a planter with a customizable design and original, to be used as a base for fixing the gazebo or umbrella on the terrace without drilling the floor tiles.

PlanterHere’s what we need

4 cylindrical planters of 30-40 cm in diameter and about 40 cm high PVC tube with a diameter slightly larger than the pillars of the gazebo or umbrella:

  • quick-setting glue
  • topsoil
  • seedlings to taste

Topsoil,We make our planter step by step

Cut the PVC pipe in pieces as long as the height of the planters. Knead there glue quick-setting and fix the tube to the bottom of the planters and let it dry. Fill the planters with soil and plant small flowering plants such as gazania, petunias or succulent plants such as aptenia. Finally, mount the gazebo or umbrella.

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PlanterOutdoor planter ashtray

A planter ashtray from natural design for gardens And terraces practical and functional to collect the cigarette butts of smokers outdoors.


The outdoor ashtray has:

  • A powder coated wrought iron structure
  • Dried sandblasted earthenware bowl
  • Plastic scoop.

DIY gazebo planter: pictures and photos

Some interesting ideas, to make a planter that can become the basis for your gazebo in the garden or on the terrace.

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