DIY How to make a balloon arch

like making a balloon arch


When it comes to parties, you’re in the right place… I really liked the proposal of Oh happy day! to solve the decoration of a photo background or for a sweet table. This is a balloon arch with the colors of the rainbow. It seems like a difficult task, but it’s not. You’re going to see the step by step and you’re going to agree with me.

like making a balloon arch


To start doing this balloon arch you need globes of the colors of the rainbow and some intermediate tones to make it more beautiful. There are four balloons of each color, in total 18 colors + 20 white balloons.

You also need wire to form the arch (you can replace the wire with tanza), a clip to cut the wire and an inflator, if you don’t have that, a pair of very strong lungs and some extra help will come in handy.


  • Inflate the colored balloons, in this case they are inflated to half their capacity because the bow is not very large. Each layer of the arch carries four balloons.
  • Tie two balloons of the same colour together, repeat with two others. Then encircle the two groups of balloons and rotate so that they are tied together.
  • Then take the wire and pass it through the center of the group of four balloons. Turn them a little so they’ll hold on.
  • Repeat the previous steps until you are finished with the coloured balloons. Now it’s time to push them a little so they fit together. Leave 30 or 40 cm of wire on each side and then form the clouds with the white balloons. At each end of the wire, give it a few turns of paper tape so that it doesn’t burst the balloons.
  • Finally, inflate the white balloons and form groups of three and four. Rotate them around the wire at each end of the colored arc.
  • Finally, give it the shape of an arch and glue it in the desired place.
how to make a balloon arch step by step


Source: ohhappyday

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