Decorating with a stencil: tips and photos

How to make decorations with the DIY stencil, photos, tips and tricks to use to apply the stencil on furniture, walls and materials such as wood or ceramic.


Among the different decoration techniques, the easiest, but most effective, is the decoration through the use of stencils. The stencils are special sheets, on which drawings have been reproduced and cut out. And as if they were negatives through which, a design can be originated in a perfect way on a surface.


What are stencils

Stencil ancient decoration technique to decorate the walls, the walls, the shelves of our houses with flowers, plants, animals. Stencil kit consists of perforated plastic masks, blunt-tipped brushes and sponge pads. Adhere the stencil to the wall after sprinkling it with spray glue.

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The simplest colors to use are tempera colors because they are quick drying. To create color variegations, first apply the dark colors and, after they have dried well, apply the lighter shades. This technique, due to the speed of execution, has also become very widespread, not only among those who want to customize their home with original and economic ideas, but also for the illegal street art that requires a particular speed of execution.

Decorate-home-in-Bansky-style-murals-in-all-stencil11There are different types of stencils for all tastes and styles

Through the use of these “masks” you can make beautiful decorations without much effort, and even those who have no particular artistic skills can get a good result. Stencils can be purchased in specialized stores, or they can be made at home through DIY.


How is a stencil made?

Obtaining it is very simple, all you need is a drawing (you can draw it yourself or print it), some sheets of wax paper, a cutter or a very sharp scalpel. The paper used is not ordinary cardstock and can be purchased from stationery or hobby stores. Soaked in flax seeds, it acquires waterproof properties and becomes above all flexible and resistant. Making a mask or (stencil) is an easy job, but at the same time of precision. The drawing must be carefully and carefully cut out without damaging it.


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How they can be used

Stencils are used to decorate many things, ceramics, wood, glass, fabrics, tin and so much more. There are several colors that can be used according to the result you want to obtain, and the surface you want to decorate.

We have water paints, acrylics, oil paints, sprays and specific colors such as cold ceramic colors. The stencil is used extensively with the pad color technique, but it can be safely used for painting with a brush to obtain a job of maximum precision, or with painting through a spray can.

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The precautions to be taken when using a mask, are to fix it well on the surface to be decorated, and to be very careful during removal to avoid any color smudges.

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