Scented water for ironing

Do you want to give an intense fresh scent to all your garments? Here is the solution. You can make scented water directly at home to use when ironing, with simple ingredients, spending very little.


How to perfume garments while ironing

Scented water for the iron from ironing to vapor with a few drops of the scent favorite. For quick and easy ironing the linen at home it is customary to use the steam iron with scented water. Sometimes, however, the mixture of different fragrances is a bit annoying.


What to prepare scented water

  1. Prepare ascented water for the steam iron with your favorite scent.
  2. Just buy a bottle of distilled water and put in it a few drops of scent.
  3. There linen it will have a delicate fragrance that will also spread in the wardrobes and in drawers.

Iron, FromAnother DIY method for scented water

In addition to the method already indicated above, it is possible to prepare scented water for ironing in this way too. What we need: distilled water, bicarbonate and essential oil.

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PressThe procedure

We take thedistilled water and let’s pour 250ml in a bowl. We add a spoonful of baking soda And a few drops of essential oil. The bicarbonate will allow to retain the fragrance of the essential oil, so that it can last longer on our garments. The important thing is not to use more than two drops of essential oil, otherwise we risk staining the clothes while ironing.

PressHow to use scented water

Once ready, ours scented water we could use it for all items to be ironed. The advice, however, is to use it mainly for sheets, pillows, curtains and tablecloths.

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