Colors to create stencils on fabric

Do you want to give a new life to clothes and fabrics? Could that t-shirt you no longer wear now regain the splendor of the past? The answer is yes, thanks to the stencil.

StencilOn the market it is possible to find ready-to-use colors for fabrics. The alternative would be to create with our hands the colors suitable for decorating fabric surfaces. How to do? The answer is very simple!

It is sufficient to mix one part of medium plus two of acrylic color. Another trick is to use previously washed and ironed fabrics for the decorations to prevent the color from taking root in the best way.

StencilStencil on shirt

Once you have chosen the shirt we want to decorate and which will have to be washed and ironed, we proceed as follows:

  • We apply the stencil in rubber on the shirt;
  • Between one part of the shirt and the other we lay a piece of construction paper to avoid to stain the other end of the same;
  • With del Scotch tape we close the parts that we do not wish to color;
  • Let’s proceed with the application of color with a swab previously dumped on a paper towel.

The procedure is quite simple but highly effective.

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bagStencil on beach bag

Very little is missing from the much loved holidays and many of us will leave for the sea: the most scrupulous will have already started preparing the necessary, organizing costumes, towels, sarongs, but we have the beach bag? Self rummaging among the things by the sea you have found an old-fashioned bag that you want to decorate, the stencil is the right solution.

Obviously the subjects for the decoration must necessarily recall subjects related to the world of the sea: beach, sun, boats, sea, dolphins, turtles and various fish. There are many themed masks and the result is guaranteed.

Let’s see together everything you need for the stencil on the beach bag.

StencilBag stencil material

  • Template for the stencil
  • Color for fabrics
  • Brush
  • Color for fixing

StencilHow to color a beach bag

Our first concern will have to be not to smudge: to avoid spots of unwanted color rather than smudging, we will have to use adhesive stencil templates (which will then be removed at the end of the work) or, alternatively, fix the classic ones with the help of paper tape.

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We decide the subject, we apply the mask and proceed to color and decorate the bag.

If the subject requires the use of more masks, I advise you to wait for the previously used color to dry completely: it will take longer but you will avoid finding yourself with unexpected smudges or streaks of color.

The colors obviously have to match well with the bag, but at the same time recall the warm colors of the sea: we remind you that the colors for fabric are very resistant, a feature that will allow you not to worry about your bag getting damaged on the beach.

Markers,What to use to color the fabric

For the application of the color you can use the brush or even better a sponge, the important thing is not to put too much color because you risk smudging.

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Colors for creating stencils on fabric: photos and images

Some examples of colored stencils and how to use them, to give life to garments and accessories that you have stored in the closet


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