Cactus-shaped pin holder

If you like sewing and cactusThis DIY is ideal for you. If this is not the case, you will surely have a family member or friend who loves to sew and could become an ideal gift for a special occasion. These are beautiful and original cactus pincers made of fabric.

Materials for making cactus-shaped needle holders

Felt in various colours
Terracotta pot
Hot silicone gun
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle

1- To begin, cut a circle of green felt twice the size you want for your cactus, with a needle and thread to sew the entire outer edge of the cactus.

2- Pull the thread forming a pocket where you can place the padding.

3- Fill in the circle.

4- Finally secure the thread with a strong knot, make several turns with the thread around the circle so that it is secure.

5- Make a paper template for the cactus silhouette.

Cut two pieces of fabric following the design in the formed template and sew the whole edge of the figure, leaving the bottom part unstitched.

7- With the help of a toothpick fill in all parts of the cactus.

8- To make a cactus in 3D, make a paper template in the shape of a half sphere a little bigger than the final size you want for the cactus (see next image). With the template cut 3 layers of felt fabric, sew the whole edge of each half sphere leaving the bottom part unsewn, overlap the 3 sets one on top of the other and sew a line over the middle of the fabric sewing all parts together. Fill in each piece.

9- When you have all the pieces assembled, sew the bottom of the cactus in brown felt, depending on their shape you can use fabric glue if you wish.

10- Cut a piece of foam rubber so that it fits in the pot. Use hot glue to glue the cactus to the center of the foam and cut off the excess fabric, glue the sides of the foam and press the cactus so that it fits properly into the pot.

11- If you wish you can add a floral detail in a contrasting color.


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