4 Easy Recycling Ideas to Renovate Your Home

easy recycling ideas, drawer cabinet
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As simple as they are surprising. These are easy DIY ideas that will transform any room in your house into a space with its own style. Do you dare with this sustainable furniture at the best price?

Easy DIY ideas: a sofa with pallets for the garden

easy recycling ideas, sofa with pallets, pallets
Source: Very much

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There’s nothing more versatile than a pallet. These elements, which you can find lying around in any container, have “colonized” houses and they give a lot of play when it comes to decorating with easy recycling ideas. Take a look at this proposal to furnish a terrace, a porch or a garden. All you need is a couple of pallets, placed one on top of the other.

First clean them well with soap and water, remove any rusty nails with pliers and sand them with an electric sander and wood abrasive, or simply with coarse grain sandpaper.

You can also make a small table with pallets that complements the sofa. In this case, place a protector or mat made of natural fibres on “the top”. It will give you another look.

easy recycling ideas, pallets, fiber mats
Source: Very much

To create a charming corner in your terrace or garden, make use of complements that give it life, like all these from the Very Much firm. Cover the pallets with a soft mat and colored cushions. And on the floor, an esparto mat, some baskets with plants… Done!

Box rack, spectacular!

easy recycling ideas, box rack
Source: Garden Trading

It’s a ten-pack, isn’t it? This bookcase marketed by Garden Trading has nothing to envy a conventional bookstore. As you can see, is made with wooden boxes similar to those used to transport the fruit. It’s simple and beautiful at the same time. Dare to make a similar shelf by borrowing this proposal! There are many easy DIY ideas that could put a piece of furniture made by you into a designer furniture…

You will need sturdy boxes, though, as they will support the weight of the objects or books you put in them. The first thing to assemble is the base, with three boxes (or two, if you want to make the furniture smaller), whose back will be visible. The other boxes are placed on top of them.

The boxes must be joined together with carpenter’s glue, but also with a thin sheet of wood to serve as the back of the furniture. The sheet metal must be the same width and height as the shelf and is secured to the boxes with glue, but it is important to reinforce this connection with stray nails. Add to the shelf some shiny detail, like a garland of lights to illuminate the “shelves”. It will look great.

Bag-pot, a very cheerful planter

easy recycling ideas, recycling
Source: /Smithers of Stamford

Easy DIY ideas, those that don’t involve cutting, sanding or painting anything, are a wonder, because just reuse what’s in the house and give it a different use and imaginative. This planter-bag is the best example.

You can put a “real” plant inside, in that case it is advisable to line the inside with a plastic, so that the bag will not be damaged by moisture. If you prefer plastic plants, you can be sure that they will stick perfectly and are maintenance-free. If you place the bag on a piece of furniture, or on a console, it will certainly attract attention.

Drawer chest of drawers with its own seal

easy recycling ideas, restore furniture, recycle
Source: Guru-shop

This one in the photo, so original and funny, is from Restholz Vintage Stil. But if you like the design, you can be inspired by it to make a chest of drawers “made” with a tower of old drawers around your house. A very singular piece of furniture that will personalize the entrance, or a corner of the living room, for example. It is not necessary that your chest of drawers has as many elements as the image: it can be perfect with only three well chosen drawers.

You will make the set more attractive with different drawers but with a similar size, and opt for an uneven (but balanced) arrangement. Finally, apply an aged finish that unifies all the elements, you will see what a spectacular result.

To achieve the worn-out effect, you have to pickle each drawerThe paint is then applied to the surface to remove the old paint or varnish layer. You can do this with a sander or chemical stripper, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then you paint it with a coat of paint of one colour, and when it has dried, you give it another coat in a different colour. Before the last coat is completely dry, sand with abrasive paper so that the paint you gave as a background can be seen in some areas. Finally, protect the wood with wax or varnish.

As for the placement of the drawers, the largest one must be the base and support the rest of the elements on top. The drawers are fixed to each other with wooden pegs or screws. In addition, a special adhesive for this material, such as white carpenter’s glue, should be applied to the joint area.

Isn’t it a beautiful piece of furniture? Well, don’t give it another thought! With the easy DIY ideas we have proposed in this post, you will be able to renovate your house with your own hands… and for very little money!

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