5 creative recycling ideas for aluminum cans

How to give new life to common aluminum cans? It is possible with creative recycling and with our recovery ideas with which you can make pen holders, cutlery holders, vases and candle holders.


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The creative recycling it could be defined as a real art. With few needed and with a little bit of dexterity in fact, it is possible to create from a old object that you wanted to throw out because out of fashion, something to which give it a new appearance. It can therefore be reused as if it were a completely new object and with a different function than the one for which it was created.

Thanks to creative recycling, you can give a new life to anything if you have enough creativity to see the potential that that particular object can have. For example, old tires become planters with which to decorate the garden, and what could common cans become? We will reveal it to you with ours 5 ideas of recycling creative of cans of aluminum.

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1. An original pen holder

The first item you could to achieve with a can is a practical and fun pen holder. You just a few need will be enough and the few procedures to create one in which you can arrange all your pens at the same time have a decorative object of great personality in your study corner.

To make a pen holder you can use whatever you prefer based on the look you want to give it. can paint it of an single color and then to draw of the forms with the help of a brush or a permanent marker.

Yet another option is that of paste on the can a sheet decorative of the fantasy that you prefer, or a simple sheet of cork so that you do not perceive the material of which the pen holder is made.


2. A pot for your plants

A can of metal where before there were gods legumes it can be reused and then recycled for become a jar for your plants fatty or aromatic that can be placed on the windowsill in the kitchen.

To create a vase for your aromatic plants, you can to leave L’aluminum of his natural color self yours kitchen for example it is furnished in industrial style and for decorate it you can use mini slates to be inserted inside the vase, on which to write the first name of each plant with chalk.

For a more colorful vase, you can paint the can a color that matches the rest of the shades already in the room, or if yours kitchen it’s in style shabby chic, can to paint the can of White is beautify it with a string to wrap around the top of the can and make a bow, and a lace color beige.

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3. Handmade candle holder

Lovers of candles for sure they will have tried several times in making one of them with their own hands, and this time we will give you a suggestion to complete your work completely homemade, that is, with the choice of one can like his container.

You can choose any shape of can, from that of peeled tomatoes to the smallest of canned tuna in oil. Once you have chosen the container that best suits your tastes aesthetically, you just have to embellish it outside. You can decide to paint it of an single color or of paste to the surface a sheet of colored paper or to floral pattern which, for example, recalls the essence of the candle inside. If you like the idea, you might as well leave the lid off the can to give it a more original look.

Now that the aesthetics have been taken care of, you can arrange on the base inside the can the wick and then fill with there wax as soon as melted. Once your DIY work is done, you just have to place the candle on a shelf in the living room, in the bedroom or you could give it to your friend who likes scented candles.


4. Hanging cutlery holder

If you want a cutlery holder original, you can certainly create it with the car of an aluminum can and a few other necessities.

What you will serve to achieve it are:

  • 1 can
  • spray paint for metal
  • nail
  • hammer
  • hook.

With the paint spray paint the can of the color of your choice and if you don’t like it to be a single color, you can have fun creating drawings or writing with a permanent marker once the paint is well dried. At this point your cutlery holder is almost ready. It will be enough for you do a hole in the part rear with the help of a nail and a hammer and then hang it up to a hook fixed to the wall. In alternative, in the back you can to apply a magnet if you have space on a metal surface to hang it on.


5. Outdoor lamp holder

For embellish your garden especially for summer evenings with lights that give atmosphere to the outside environment. can to achieve gods DIY lamp holder using cans and that will make a lot of scene.

Creating them will be really very simple. It will be enough for you make the shape eg of a star, of a heart, or a butterfly, rest the sheet on the can is to draw the profile with nail and hammer for create of the little ones little holes. These little holes will allow to the light of the candle, placed inside it, to filter and point out the drawing. You can arrange your lamp holders on the table you have in the garden or on the terrace of the house, or hang them like lights.


5 creative recycling ideas for aluminum cans: images and photos

Create new objects with DIY and a little creativity by reusing common aluminum cans that you would otherwise throw in the trash.


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