How to make a DIY pillow case

Creating a pillow case can be a great pastime. So let’s find out together how to proceed by following the few and simple DIY rules; here’s how to do everything right without making mistakes.


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On the market exist many types of pillowcase for the various pillows. What changes are mainly the openings as those exist with hinges, those with buttons or those envelope. To imitate them all, giving vent to your creative flair, you can follow the few and simple rules of do-it-yourself. If you are not an expert in this art, create a pillowcase will a good place to start because they are very easy to do.

First of all you will have to to choose carefully colors and material, so that they can reflect your taste but that they can also perfectly match the surrounding style. At this point you can move on to needle and thread. Few tools is a great desire to do creative jobs. This is enough to make a DIY pillow case. Let’s see all the steps together. Here’s how to proceed without making a single mistake.

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The right colors for the pillowcase

One of the evergreen colors for the pillowcase some cushions for the bedroom and the White. It is in fact a room dedicated to relaxation and the light tones give off feelings of well-being and tranquility. For this reason they will be fine too other subtle nuances such as antique pink, the green or thelight blue.

These are precisely more or less the gradations that will be found in the rest of the furniture of a bedroom and to which therefore you can match the pillow cases. If, on the other hand, they are elements to be prepared in other rooms you can use with more vibrant colors such as the red, the blue or the Violet.


The ideal fabric

To realize a perfect pillowcase for pillow the most suitable material is definitely clear and light. This is above all because we are still talking about an object that in most cases will be in contact with the skin a lot. For this reason, a good idea is certainly the cotton, of all kinds, too silk blend or linen which gives the object a more shabby chic mood.

If you need warmth, a fabric that keeps it the most is the flannel.

Another great one idea is recycle the fabric. If you have old unused fabric you can use that or just for the pillowcase or for the decorations of the same.

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Any both the kind of material chosen, good advice is to wash it before sewing the pillowcase to prevent it from shrinking on the first wash once it is complete.


The material for sewing the pillowcase

Before proceeding it is obviously necessary get all the material you may need. If you don’t want to do the work completely by hand, there sewing machine can help you. Beyond that the right fabric, you will also need them scissors, pins, needles is wires. Remember that, for a more precise work, the latter should be combined with everything else: so try to choose the same color of the fabric you have opted for.


The procedure

First of all from cloth procured need cut two rectangles or a bigger one to fold away. Before sewing them – together lengthwise – and moving on with the steps, keep in mind that the wrong side of the fabric It will be on the outside; also remember that the pieces of cloth, if divided, will have to fit together perfectly except for a few centimeters more which will protrude from one of the two.

The latter It will be folded twice is then also sewn. This way you will go to create a kind of closure to whom you can add, if you want it some buttons.

To combine it all one is recommended zig zag stitching because it is more resistant and also gives the idea that the work is cleaner and tidier; if, however, you still want to hide the edges you can sew a ribbon to overlap in those points. The final step Sara finally turn the fabric inside out with the colored side out.


The embellishments

To make the pillowcase more interesting you can work with more different fabrics so as to have different motifs and more themes. For regarding real decorations, you can create with other fabric a raised flap with different patterns and / or one flounces on the front. Ribbons, lace and lace are welcome.

One method to have an excellent result with simplicity and effectiveness is iron all the pieces of fabric well before and after but also, when possible, between one passage and another.

For regarding the fabric measurements, instead, obviously it will depend on the type of pillow you want to cover and therefore there is no fixed rule. But remember that to make cute hems you will need to have a few more centimeters available.


How to make a pillow case do it yourself: pictures and photos


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