10 ways of DIY with wood to show off your plants

If you are a passionate DIY enthusiast, I bet you must love the idea of being able to enjoy some extra time at home in order to materialize everything that is going on in your mind and also have a practical and nice function at home. So, to keep you a never-ending source of ideas, today I want to show you a few ideas to make do-it-yourself with wood and to show off your plants at home in the most beautiful, personal and practical wayLet’s get started!

Hanging versions

It seems incredible the results you can get thinking up and down and not the other way around like we usually do. The versions with hanging shelves, besides getting more space, will give rise to an original and unexpected image to the room in which you decide to welcome themAnd all at a few shelves and ropes away!

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DIY with wood IX
Source: Bambo House

Bet on a 2×1

Materializing a compartmentalized planter will allow you to give a lively and fresh touch to home décor while continuing to bring functionality to your corners. In which I show you below, it acts as a magazine rack. A fantastic idea to dress up a reading corner, the side of a sofa or that favourite corner you always go to on the terrace.

DIY with wood II
Source: Urbana Design

Grows tall to accommodate many of your plants

DIYing with wood using only strips can give you great visual joys. In addition, the shallow depth you will devote to the set will allow you to show off the creation either on the floor or anchored to one of your walls. Paint it to taste when you finish it and make it an indispensable part of your decoration almost without noticing it!

DIY with wood VI
Source: Woman of 10

Do-it-yourself with wood: Pedestals for lifting

Giving your plants a distinctive or clearly different touch at home can be as simple as putting them on a pedestal that you can make yourself. From a wooden stump you can customize to your liking to a platform with wheels that allows you to move them anywhere, the pedestals will undoubtedly help you to enhance your greenery.

DIY with wood IV
Source: Interiors

Customized shelves

Taking advantage of DIY with wood to dress up that space that is crying out for a new shelf will be just as great. From the most unnoticed to the most visual, take advantage of your abilities to store while providing a new place for your plants will always be a good idea.

DIY with wood VII
Source: Ok Girls

Multiple planters

This idea is most original and fun. And that is to unite several wooden planters that vary in size, shape and height, can help you dress even the most boring and dull corners of the house in a unique way. Combine hardy, low-care species if you still think plants aren’t your thing, and show off results that you can achieve with your own hands!

DIY with wood III
Source: Style&Deco

Dress walls

Wooden slats or the pallet slats themselves can become the clear protagonists of a wall you want to change the character of. Moreover, between the vertical and horizontal ones, a small space will be generated up to the wall, that you will be able to take advantage of to hang your flowerpots at whatever height you want and wherever you want.

DIY with V wood
Source: Archzine

Shelves made to measure and full of life!

This simple idea can be everything you need to give a characteristic touch to that wall you don’t know what to do with. Modify the initial appearance of shelves or supports, et violà! Show off your results.

DIY with wood X
Source: InspiraHome

Fresh air to places of passage

Simple shallow shelves can help resurrect those areas of passage you can’t get to grips with. Bet on materializing a simple design and let your favorite plants do the rest!

DIY with wood X
Source: Cuty Paste

As you can see, getting upbeat with woodworking at home can be as functional as it is decorative and original in your decoration. Take the initiative that best suits you and get to work with practice!

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